Friday, February 26, 2016

What I'm Doing Now

The only happiness lies in reason; all the rest of the world is dismal. The highest reason, however, I see in the work of the artist...
- Nietzsche

The above sketch is one I did recently of the painting Color Riders, by Bonny Youdim. I began drawing and painting several years ago now. These days I focus more on my own personal creative writing and art projects than on political things. I will post things here from time-to-time. This painting, aside from it's Southwestern flavor, struck me as rather apocalyptic.

Life is short. For all of us, the End is Nigh. I decided a while ago that I had to wean myself off political writing and focus more on my own personal work. I don't even have time to read the libertarian, anarchist or neoreaction blogs that I used to enjoy. Nevertheless, my work will, I hope, reflect motifs orbiting or floating around some of those ideas. Caravagio, Max Beckmann, El Greco, William Blake, Francisco Goya and (okay, fine) van Gough are my favorites.

Aesthetically, I would hope my work in the future is seen by those wild animals whose glowing eyes can see in the dark. If there were a tradition for me and what I create until I'm dead, I would hope that it falls from an ancient tree in the black forest of Dark Romanticism. The world around us is not beautiful, but that does not mean small acts of beauty cannot be heard in the whispers of their ghosts. Perhaps Order can be restored, but why not revel in the madness and Chaos that will, in time, conquer all things in any case through the sheer vitality of its will to destruction. And live life with a smile. Enjoy the decline. In fact, accelerate it.

Affirming the power of those dark forces which are always Becoming, it seems to me, is the only honest way to approach Being. The Good, the Beautiful and the True--they are cold and lifeless now. Good riddance. Attempting to access the Sublime will only terrify you. Because there is Nothing there.

Happy Trails...


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