Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Dark Enlightenment in New Pop Fiction?

One of my dear Progressive friends gave me a book by David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas, called The Bone Clocks. I finished it a couple months ago. It’s Mitchell’s most recent work, and I haven’t read anything else by him to which I could compare it. Despite Mitchell’s ability to balance a quick-moving plot with fanciful prose, prose that measures higher than most popular fantasy or science fiction, the book still fell flat for me. My friend is dying of cancer. So to be decent I had to wait to tell him my thoughts on the novel, and discuss with him in person the gift he gave me, before I wrote about it here. Again, for the most part, The Bone Clocks fell flat for me. And it will fall flat for you, as well, if you’re not a Progressive. Here’s why.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Esquire Mag: Are You Man Enough to Peck a Penis?

Recently I had the unfortunate experience of discovering an Esquire article from February, 2014, by the quintessential queen of snark, Stephen Marche, whose title asks us, “Gentleman, Are You Man Enough to Caress a Penis?”