Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Anarchy of the Right –The Disease We Need

(The Dance of Death)

All right. So the blog hasn’t gone full reset yet. Oh, well. Neither has ‘merica. That’s fine. It’s not ‘merica that needs the reboot. Or does it? And if so, what sort of destructive reset does it need?
Let’s say that anarchy, chaos and destruction are bad things. I tend to agree to an extent. But I’m an anarchist. What does that mean? Post an-cap neoreactionary perhaps? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not even a Steel Anarchist. I just happen to value freedom of association, which entails freedom of movement, which entails totally open borders and in turn the destruction of private borders and, thus, private property.
Wait. What? That’s right. I’ve gone full communist. But that’s what we all need to do. 

The only thing more tragic than Red-State military kids dying in the Middle East for Preserving the Union, the League of Nations, the New Deal, the Great Society, smoking bans, Obamacare, gun control, and hate speech laws (right around the corner in the US, by the way, which is part of the point I’m making here) would be Red-State military kids shooting on a Red-State resistance militia fighting for independence and autonomy.
Of course we all support the effort, but I’m not convinced the Right side would win. It’s had a rather sorry losing streak over the last five-hundred years. And there really wouldn’t be any winners in such a fight. Red-State people would probably lose on all fronts. Progressives would win everything and rejoice in an ecstatic state of self-glorifying gratification, salaciously soaking in the triumph of their bloodbath for Equality.
So, why not give peace a chance?
The main reason we can’t give peace a chance is because we know that Progressives have absolutely no interest in peace. They have one interest and one interest only: total submission. Like Islam. Only gay.
Anything that is on the wrong side of history won’t be tolerated. That includes not only me—a happy-go-lucky evil hater on the wrong side of history—but many other people who disagree with me over many, many things. Such as communism. If people want to be communist, I say let the commies have the space and territory to destroy themselves. It’s a win-win. But what if the commies believe that the tragedy of the commons is a universal, global problem? Then we hateful evil doers are in serious trouble again, aren’t we?
Perhaps we evil doers should have less faith in Progress ourselves, less faith in rational discourse and instead say: leave things to Dionysus. With an inebriated free spirit, embrace the chaos, disorder and destruction that is inevitable. Oh, the degeneracy! 
            We doctors of degeneracy on the Anarchist Right believe that certain societies in certain eras deserve certain medications for their illnesses, and more often than not, said prescriptions necessitate, not reforming, and thus rehabilitating, the health of the body politic, but the healthy acceptance of its total death and annihilation.
            Anarchy of the Right is the disease, not the cure, that we all need. It is the infectious illness that can conquer all modern bodies, against which they shall never be inoculated. By their own free and democratic choice, modern bodies will choose death. They will choose chaos. Let’s give it to them.

            It’s only fair.

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