Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Response to Sartwell's "apartheid of hemispheres" post

Here  is a rapid response I wrote on Crispin Sartwell's blog. It got a bit lengthy, so I reposted it here:

I will admittedly prove Crispin's point here with the following comment:

I have immense hatred for those Progs I don't know. I have many close friends, who were friends first, who are Progressives. I'm sad to say I have some family who are Progs, too. They get a pass. And I try to think of them when I think of other Progressives. But, for the most part, I think my resentment is completely justified.

The fact is, we are different people. We are different nations. From an outsider's perspective, it seems odd. Just like many Westerners don't understand the fighting between Shia and Sunni Muslims. But, nevertheless, we have fundamentally incommensurable values and ways of life. There are generally two tribes. You could argue this has been the case for over two or three hundred years. There are anomalies. People like Crispin exist, thank goodness. And it gets more complicated the closer you look, but Progs and we primitive evil-doers on the wrong side of history are fundamentally two different peoples. (The "Right," in my judgment, is anything that's not Progressive, and must be defined negatively because the Right is far more diverse culturally, economically and politically. There's tons of in-fighting on the Right. Progs are mostly a homogeneous power-house at this point in time.)

Can ideas, or at least predispositions of those ideas, be genetically inherited? I'm not sure they can't be. Why should we assume that Nurture wins the debate here? Moreover, even if social and cultural environments were the dominant force here, well, Progs mostly control all of that stuff, too. Can you blame non-Progs for wanting to find their own "safe-space" away from Progressive influence, regionally or culturally?

It seems to me that if there's going to be any substantive thinking, you're going to find yourself on "the Right"--which is to say, you're going to find yourself at least asking heretical questions, with possible heretical answers, of the Progressive hegemony. You're going to find websites like Cheese It, The Cops.

It's fine to take the moral high-ground by claiming that you're above the tribes. But I can't. I don't trust Progressives. I'll talk with them and smile and mime their bullshit about Equality and pretend to agree with them when I have to. If you don't, you could lose your job. If you dare question their beliefs openly, you'll be socially ostracized for your "hate-speech". Unless you want to martyr yourself for your own ego, there's no good, practical reason to behave in such ways. I learned my lesson. Progressives made sure of it.

Is it irrational to distrust those who hate you? Progs hate non-Progs. We hate Progs right back. Fine by me. I can read Marx, Marcuse, Rousseau and watch Rachel Maddow or read the New York Times or check out MTV whenever I feel like learning about Progressive culture or Progressive ideas. But I don't trust or like people who want to throw me in jail, take my money, and tell me how to live my life. That's perfectly natural. My general feeling is that, if the territory ruled by the US gov. doesn't break-up, if we evil Red-State primitives can't have our own country, then, well...yeah, perpetual civil war is probably inevitable until we can have our independence.

Perhaps, if we want to create a freer society in the future, if we ever want to put an end to the totalitarian West, to break up the United States of Progressivism, we need to embrace our hatred. We need to understand and accept it. And then put it to good use.

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