Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Response to Sartwell's "apartheid of hemispheres" post

Here  is a rapid response I wrote on Crispin Sartwell's blog. It got a bit lengthy, so I reposted it here:

Anarchy of the Right –The Disease We Need

(The Dance of Death)

All right. So the blog hasn’t gone full reset yet. Oh, well. Neither has ‘merica. That’s fine. It’s not ‘merica that needs the reboot. Or does it? And if so, what sort of destructive reset does it need?
Let’s say that anarchy, chaos and destruction are bad things. I tend to agree to an extent. But I’m an anarchist. What does that mean? Post an-cap neoreactionary perhaps? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not even a Steel Anarchist. I just happen to value freedom of association, which entails freedom of movement, which entails totally open borders and in turn the destruction of private borders and, thus, private property.
Wait. What? That’s right. I’ve gone full communist. But that’s what we all need to do.