Monday, November 24, 2014

Extremism in Defense of Executive Orders

My Neoreaction rant for the day:

The best thing about Obama's most recent Amnesty Executive Order is that it is yet one more example of how democracy, specifically American democracy, proves to be a total failure. How America is not a country or a nation or a even constitutional republic. It's a run-down strip mall where you can find the best in kiddie porn and bumper stickers of scatological humor. And it's not only a strip mall. It's also a strip club whose dancers delight the clientele with their myriad missing limbs and teeth. Hey, that's okay. It could be worse. It's not like we're forced to buy these things. But, wait. Maybe we are. Because America, if it's anything, is also a shabby theocratic cafeteria run by Neo-Puritans who mandate its consumers to devour the processed corpses of their neighbors. Soylent Green for health and safety! For the environment! For the children! It's recycled and it's green, green, green! Eat it for your own good. Or else. Or face the penalties, and pay a fine or a tax or whatever, if you refuse. For that which is not prohibited shall be compulsory! Like the Supreme Court, our all-American caliphate, the highest priests of Progress and Equality, ruling Obamacare constitutional, Obama's Executive Orders illustrate how progressivism once again undermines its own legitimacy and authority, and thus the authority of the United States government itself.

And that's a wonderful thing.

Conservatives, only acting according to the whims of their own pussified nature, will acquiesce as they always do to Progressives. And the Progs themselves will chant in religious unity about marching ever onward towards secular divine providence. Better chant along with them, or you might out yourself as a non-believer, a heretic, an evil hedonistic advocate of those of-so-hateful sins: racism, sexism and extremism. And you will face the consequences, the divine righteous judgment, for such heresy, you sinner.

Really, there's absolutely no reason at all why a far, far, far Rightwing military leader shouldn't execute a coup d'etat today, this very moment. What? You gonna cry that such a move would be unconstitutional? Hardy-har-har-har! We've "progressed" wayyyy beyond all that constitutional nonsense, haven't we?

 We have. Praise be to Progress.

I'm guessing America has less than ten years left. The sooner it collapses, the better. And Obama's executive orders, whether on amnesty or anything else, help accelerate the collapse. We should be thankful for, not angered or disturbed by, such a disgustingly brazen and flagrant abuse of executive power.

So this Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks to Obama for his Executive Orders granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who want to become part of our great strip-mall, strip-club NeoPuritan cafeteria serving Soylent Green with religious commandments mandating that every single person eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's universal food-care for your own good, suckers. (And you better like it!)

Bienvenida a la fiesta, amigos!

Y muchas gracias, Obama!

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