Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yes, Progressives Worship Christopher Columbus

And will trigger WWIII for doing so. But they don’t even know it. How do I draw such a preposterous conclusion? Let’s see. Where to start. Our war (and it is a war) is global. Right now it’s a cold war. (For now.) From my beloved home state of Arizona to the small nation of Hungary, Progs are flapping their effeminate wrists in a furry, their delicate closed fists clenched as tight as a feminist’s vagina, (wait, is that 3rd or 4th wave?—which one promotes female promiscuity again?) to stop the…wait for it, wait for it…that’s right. The oppression.

Because, as we all know, the ASU college kids who were cheering for their home team by painting their faces black (an appearance signifying that they “blackout” the opposing team) had conspired (no doubt another vast, right-wing conspiracy) to offend black students and faculty on campus. My god. A mass-coordinated conspiracy of 18-to-22-year-olds (many of whom, no doubt, are Progs themselves) mobilized a fascist blackface mob. Yikes! Better ban college football. Well, okay, let’s just start with the face-paint. ASU already banned tobacco on campus. But as we all know so well, there’s always more “progress” to be made. Isn’t football itself sort of a violent, passé, archaic, misogynistic, sexist, patriarchal institution that should be banned altogether, like the gladiator battles of the Roman Republic? I can’t answer that because, to be honest, I don’t even follow the game. But goddamn, after reading this story, I gotta say I’m proud of those kids who (unintentionally) offended our oh-so-oppressed rulers bitching away in the Cathedral. Go Devils!
And on the other side of the world, we have a similar story: Praise the secular gods of Reason and Science, the government of Hungary shut down the National Policy Institute’s 2014 European Congress convention. Whew! What a relief Richard Spencer, Alexander Dugin and the rest of the evil fascist, fascist, fascists who would dare to attend weren’t allowed to speak their minds or share their ideas with other people openly, without fear of facing imprisonment for exercising their freedom of speech, like they would in those other un-democratic, illiberal, primitive backwaters that celebrated barbaric, primal tribalism and nationalism such as Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and…um, okay. Hang on. Hang on.
Freedom of speech and expression are funny social wonders. These days they’ve been so mystified that they can elicit theological questions regarding their nature: How did we get them? Do they even exist? The fact is, everything you’ve been told your entire life says that you need democracy to obtain those freedoms. Actually, as we’ve seen from the topical examples above in the global Progressive war against all things not Progressive, democracy kills free speech. Literally. And it’s done so for thousands of years. In all reality, you can’t have freedom of speech or expression or association without private property. But if the government—through democratic means or bureaucratic decree—states that all college campuses, churches, businesses, bars and restaurants are “public” (that is, owned and controlled by the state, er, um, sorry—“the people”), and not private, well, then kiss freedom of expression a big fat good-bye and get used to licking the bottom of that rainbow-colored Progressive boot stamping on your face forever.
Here’s the harsh truth: your entire life, you’ve been lied to. Democracy has nothing to do with freedom of speech or expression. Social, economic and individual freedoms are antithetical to democracy. If they can ban smoking in bars and restaurants because said spaces are “public,” despite the protests of the guy who pays the bills and runs the joint, they can also arrest you, as they did to Richard Spencer, for expressing thought-crimes on that “public” property.
Spooky thought isn’t it! It’s kind of creepy even. Well, it’s Halloween time, and ‘tis the season to spook you innocent straights silly.
Another case in point: returning from Hungary to the “land of liberty,” Progressive courts in Idaho (as if there were any other kind of court) recently ruled that a local church must—that is, the courts will force them with the threat of violence, against their moral conscience and religious beliefs to—marry a homosexual couple or face jail time and a $1,000 fine for each day they refuse to wed the oppressed gays. I’m sure that, were the pastors to relent in the face of such in-your-face coercion, the ceremony would be performed with the utmost sincerity and love. (Count down seconds till a Prog rolls her tranny eyes and brings up miscegenation laws and blah, blah, blah.)     
We knew it would, in time, come to this. As fellow anarchist MRDA pointed out in a related story, the god of hypocrisy works in mysterious ways, and I would personally like to burn down the church of Progress that kneels at its alter. (This story should also illustrate to traditional conservatives why, perhaps, the state and the institution of marriage should get a divorce.)
I enthusiastically welcome this fight, not because we primitive, stupid evil-doers will lose in the courts (because we will) but because so many more unenlightened, backwards Red-State peeps (my friends) will finally have to choose between the tired "America is the freest country in the world!" bullshit and the reality that the USG (and the West in general) is nothing but one big, hegemonic, imperialistic, secular theocracy which continually undermines private property rights (and thus free speech, free association, free thinking, religious liberty, pluralism and tolerance).
 Maybe after enough of their pastors are thrown in prison for abiding by, and staying faithful to, their religious values—more mainstream conservative-types will learn why masturbation is more socially productive than voting (though related they are, no doubt), why only one side wins no matter who “wins,” and why this system, “our” system of American democracy, is thoroughly, totally corrupt—beyond repair and redemption. Go ahead, conservatives, go vote this November. But don’t bitch to us skeptics when the New Clerisy tells you to fuck off even if your votes tally higher than your opponents’ (which, given realistic demographic projections, they won’t for much longer).
Or, maybe conservatives will cave, capitulate, and sacrifice religious liberty, with all other liberties, for the remaining few days of America’s precarious financial and materialistic comfort until it, too, drains away or collapses altogether. That’s what conservatives usually do.
On the other hand, I don’t think Progs realize the extent to which the blowback might be in retaliation to such an aggressive play as this—tossing religious freedom to the wind by imprisoning small-town clerical popes. Really, considering that the states which banned homosexual marriage imposed penalties far less coercive than imprisonment, you should just go ahead and catch Ebola if you, as a Progressive, consider yourself a “liberal, open-minded, tolerant person” and support something as boldly authoritarian as this ruling. For the sake of logical consistency, please, please just do the world a favor—personally save the planet from global warming. (And, believe it or not, I myself don’t have a problem with homosexual marriage—laughable as it is—so long as it’s voluntarily sanctified by all participants involved, in which case I’m staunchly against it when it’s not.) 
 But, if Progs are indeed aware of what they’re doing with their ceaseless, unfailing, brazen “fuck you”s to the rest of us, then I offer Progs the following message: you, dear Progressive, should admit that you want a real, physical bloody war to explode between Red-Staters (in other circles known as Vaisyas) and yourselves, as this ruling, in conjunction with every step of global “progress,” from Arizona to Hungary, will inevitably produce more (hopefully a legion more) of those evil, hateful extremists, whom I side with even when I disagree with them. Why do you want our little cold war to go hot? I’m not entirely sure, but I suspect your motives are not too dissimilar from FDR’s provocation of the Japanese, or Lincoln’s of the South. While I hope beyond hope that it doesn’t come to that, my superior ESP powers of political pessimism tell me you’ll insist since, well, even Hegel admitted that “progress” necessarily follows from war. And if we can’t point to those three secular saints as mystical portents of your future intentions, then perhaps there is another ghost, one feasibly not as well respected among yourselves, who can point us in the right direction. Who? Here’s a hint: as you’ve made abundantly clear this October, you despise Columbus Day and instead celebrate “Indigenous People’s Day”.
Whoops! You just became a cultural imperialist when you pulled that holiday from your mystical black bag of bullshit, didn’t you?
How so? you might be wondering. Oh, I don’t know. Try this: with a typical smirk tell more Red-Staters that they don’t need their guns, tobacco, bibles, trucks, NASCAR or country music. Explain to them how they don’t know what’s best for them. How their ideas, beliefs, culture and heritage are pretty stupid, backwards, primitive, heretical, evil and, at times, demonic. (But, but, but! you protest in a screaming fit fuelled by estrogen and homicidal fury, all of these judgments are validated, of course, by a Hope for Change, Science, and Reason).
Right. That’s all for now. End of discussion.
Whether they realize it or not, Progressives worship the expansionist spirit of Christopher Columbus. They are the inheritors of Columbus’ legacy. Last week Patrick Buchanan wrote an excellent essay on the cultural passing (that is, the death) of Columbus Day. (May it rest in peace.) However, I think he failed to mention that, though its demise will surely be observed and celebrated on the flat-screen surface of mainstream American culture by those who control the minds of most surface-oriented Americans, that deep down, behind the shiny gleam of  America’s progressive “reality,” Columbus’ established custom for violence and his uncanny knack for cultural imperialism thrives on today like the plague, now more wide-spread, stronger and more resilient to local or traditional immunities than ever.
In other words, today, right now, Western Civilization is nothing less than, and perhaps can’t be anything else than, Progressivism. Over the last 500 years, the angelic forces of good-intentions, universal equality and so on have embraced, secularized, and enforced the absolute worst features of Christianity.
What makes you think they didn’t do a similar magic trick to Columbus Day?
Moreover, why question at this point that our new cold war is global in scope, from an Arizona college campus to a small gathering of thought-criminals in Eastern Europe?  The heritage of Columbus, like it or not, is more infectious than Ebola. And we remaining few in the minority, we who have yet to be infected with this zombie contagion of pathological altruism, (the suicidal desire to save the souls of the damned by destroying everything else) might do well to contain, quarantine and exterminate it before it wipes us all out.
Either way, this is going to be, I predict, a rather nasty fight.
It’s not Civil War pt. 2 that’s coming. It’s bigger than that.
Since we’re on the topic of world-wide destruction and the zombie apocalypse, here, let’s play a quick game—want to see if you’re infected with this highly contagious social disease whose memetic pathogens sailed across the ocean blue in 1492? Real fast, answer this: is Ebola a cause for concern or not? If you answered with something like “no that’s ridiculous our dear leaders and experts of democracy and the authorities of the CDC and WHO have this problem all squared away how dare you even consider such an absurd preposterous thought my god you’re probably a paranoid tinfoil-hat-wearing survivalist prepper with assault weapons and oh god why am I even talking to you ewwwwwww! gross gross gross Ebola is racist!,” then, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re fucked. Please do the rest of the human race(s) a favor and isolate yourself in a dark, cold closet somewhere far away from the rest of us. If you answered with something like, “Yeah, it’s possibly or probably a cause for concern,” then congratulations, as you’ve now signaled your low social status, which just might serve you well in life, in the long run, somehow, however unlikely.
In any case, is it strange that the Cathedral, and its hoard of devout followers, seem hell-bent on insisting that, regarding Ebola, there’s nothing to see here? Or that they can wipe the trouble away with a profound “message” delivered by another expert as if reality could be controlled by manipulating the masses with a little wishful thinking?   
Not really, if you understand the origins of this ancient plague. But I digress. Diseases have wiped out primitive cultures in the past, in part because these maladies were introduced by an advanced, invading culture (depending on what the meaning of “advanced” is). And it could easily happen again. Which makes me wonder: Does it matter if “freedom of conscience” was born of the Reformation? And was Coercive Integration, i.e. “domestic colonialism,” cool when European Catholics did it (after they domesticated themselves to the New World)?
 No matter how you answer these questions after some serious drinking and reflection: go ahead and guess who the real “Indigenous Peoples” consist of today—the undesirables worthy of nothing less than slavery or extinction…
After you suck down your answer, let it sink in and linger in the pit of your stomach for a while.
Then thank a Progressive for initiating WWIII.
(Oh, and most importantly, thank you for the link.)

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