Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Should We Support Free Speech for Our Progressive Enemies?

This post is my immediate response after reading this story and this story this afternoon.

The feds have spent one million federal reserve notes to track "hate speech" on Twitter. Yikes. I guess I better watch what I say. I forgot that "hate speech" (anything Progressives disagree with or find "offensive") is illegal in the "free" world. Everyone should expect the worst, including those non-Progressives with much more influence and power than I, such as Rush Limbaugh.

Rush is an overrated establishment hack but still says some wonderfully offensive, "ungood" things at times which make my balls swell for his mouth in a totally hetero way. Nevertheless, like the rest of the mainstream Republican crowd, he doesn't offer much advice besides that which is most useless: "vote Republican".

I propose a better idea: seize absolute power by any means necessary, or embrace the laws of entropy with anarchistic laughter as you watch society crumble while Progs burn it to the ground with their insatiable taste for totalitarianism.

Here's a question: why shouldn't backwards, primitive Red-State people support censorship laws against Progs? How can you support free speech for your enemies--those insanely intolerant true believers marching incessantly for their moral crusade of "Progress"--when they can't return the favor? Why even support the property rights of our enemies--people who certainly don't value or respect the principle of private property? I say--in my darkest moments--tax, censor and imprison the mother-fuckers. And do it with an iron fist. Islam ain't sheee-it compared to this death-cult of "democracy" and "equality". Progs deserve nothing less. Plus, I just want to see the pussies suffer. (And I still have a cold.)

Progs don't believe "hate" speech is free speech. Hey, neither do we non-believers. (We'll just define "hate" speech differently if we get the chance to seize power and silence those of you who have a problem respecting our authoritah!) Perhaps Progs need to taste the cold, rotten fruits of authoritarianism if they're ever going to learn why free speech, vulgar as it may be at times, is a valuable asset to those civilizations that deserve it.

My argument is that, because Progressive civilization is a fundamentally different--and openly hostile--civilization to that of our own, theirs is one that perhaps doesn't deserve freedom of speech or expression. They make it a point with articles such as those above that they desire a final supper served on the eve of our society's destruction with two huge helpings: absolute authority and control over everyone else.  Perhaps we should be the people who serve it to them for once (rather than the other way around.) Perhaps we should allow them the opportunity to lick their plates dry (and force them to do so if they refuse)--on the floor of the kitchen, and in the darkness of our decayed, dilapidated home once known as Western Civilization. Call it a lesson in tough love.

Or, maybe we should shut our eyes to reality and heed the retarded advice of people like Limbaugh and Glenn Beck by pretending that the West isn't doomed, that the USA isn't corrupt beyond repair, and hoping Progs will one day recognize that, gee-whiz, aren't we all Americans. Then go vote for some slimy opportunistic Republican like Rand Paul who's going to fix it all.

Meh. To hell with that.

It's time for supper, children!

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