Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Progs--Want Fascism? You Got It.

(Well, except for those friends and family I know who have been bewitched by this gloomy shadow of god--Progressivism. You beautiful mother fuckers know who you are! Now, quit dat shit, yo!) The title is derivative of my thoughts after reading this story about another family and private business punished for exercising their religious right to discriminate (or not) against whomever they goddamn well want:

Of course TradCons who, say, support the Drug War (or whatever sinful behavior they wish to prohibit) won't see the logic here, but it's fair to say that most prohibitionists justifiably deserve to experience some form of prohibition. In a sick and fascinating new way, this reversal of intolerance and oppression is exactly what's happening in the West these days. Since the tables have turned, and traditional WASP cultures, sub-cultures and thedes are experiencing various forms of cultural and state oppression, I expect the resentment of the Right to rise, which would in turn compel many Rightists to quit smoking the "shining city on a hill" crack-pipe of American mythology, to pick up their radical extremist handbooks for philosophical sobriety, and to inhale a fresh new breath of reality.

Here's what the first line of said handbook would likely read (as Trayvon or Mike Brown might say were they still living organisms): Fuck dis shit. It be time for secession, yo!

Or war.

America is composed of a multitude of tribes, nations, cultures and subcultures. There is no one "America" but many, many, many americas. (The same could be said for the West in general--it needs a little more, actually way more, decentralization, localism and--dare I say--tribalism.) The fact that one powerful, absolutist, intolerant religion called Progressivism can force its lifestyle and beliefs onto others who disagree, their families, their businesses, churches & property completely nullifies any so-called "social contract". Let Progs defend that archaic Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We the oppressed--mostly heterosexual "cisgender" white males with outdated values and antiquated belief systems--just want to be left the fuck alone. I'm writing this piece as feverish protests, race rioting and violence against militarized police forces from St. Louis, MO are sharing a moment with the rest of the world via the media and Twitter. It appears as though the one thing we--black Americans, Progressives, conservatives, libertarians and anarchists like me--all agree on is that a militarized police force is a serious problem. A militarized police force, whether federal or local, doesn't see a substantive difference between foreign enemies fought in a war abroad and the local citizenry. When I was a teenager eons ago, seduced by the American mythos, I used to think militarized police forces, or their cousin bureaucracies (like the NSA whoops! I mean the KGB) dedicated to the divine purpose of mass surveillance, were a bizarre phenomenon born of backwards authoritarian countries, such as those with corrupt third-world governments. Or, the Soviet Union. Never could a democracy of "free" people produce such authoritarian atrocities as militarized police and mass surveillance. Hmmm. Isn't that....odd.

We all want to be left alone.

Yet, typically any American who's not a devoted Progressive is called a "fascist" for saying so. But what's "fascist" about wanting to be left alone to do your own thing? Since Progs control the media, they control what the masses think. So if Progs say that "laissez faire" and "don't tread on me" are expressions of fascism, not mere stylistic variants of "please, leave us the fuck alone," then, well, that's just the way it is. Now be a good citizen and go vote to save the children, like the mindless slug you are, from whatever the popular Prog boogeyman dujure might be. (Probably smokers again. Or guns. Or fast-food, salt, fracking, GMOs, climate, you get the picture.)

But are Progs merely projecting their own superiority complex unto the "other"? In fact, when you consider the Progressives' own self-serving mythos--that they believe themselves to be the "enlightened" ones, the superior race of super-humans who are going to teach the rest of us backwards, inferior motherfuckers what's right and what's wrong with any cultural, social and political means possible, even if it means we lose our jobs or freedom--then aren't they...the fascists?

In my general experience, through conversations I have with my evil backwards homies in "flyover country," I've concluded that one unintended consequence of Prog intolerance and the near-absolute consolidation of Prog power in the West, is that RedState people (hicks, hillbillies, country bumpkins, yokels, flat-earthers, and whatever else Progs want to call us "tea-bagging" dissidents) are realizing that this thing, this monstrous abstraction of totalitarian proportions called "America" not their country. It's Prog country--symbolized by the majestic, good ol' red, white and your taxes better pay for my abortions and birth control you sexist racist pig who never checks his privilege blue waving in the wind. In other words, RedStaters' consciousness is rising, as that dickless 19th century hipster Karl Marx would say.  Very rarely--er, make that never--do I hear from these folks some pathetic variant of bitchiness, such as "Why can't we all get along," a mainstream establishment pussy like Glenn Beck would cry out. Instead I hear from these seemingly normal, decent people (unlike yours truly), a simple yet common "I can't get along with Progressives" or "I have nothing to do with Progressives," or "Fuck those people," or my personal favorite, "Fuck 'em."

And you know what...

Despite my inner libertarian spirit-animal crying out for calm rationality and civil discourse, despite the fact that I really don't hold much against homosexual marriage, per se, and "pride parades" (all of which is pretty silly and retarded) or smoking weed (mostly a waste of time, as is my lifelong habit of binge drinking), despite the fact that I have Progressive, non-white/WASP/heterosexual/male friends and family who are all dear to me, I gotta say, I can't turn away from the rising sun of discontent that burns in the hearts of those heretics who refuse to agree with the dogmas of our Progressive ruling classes, the priesthood of this decayed, rotten, democratic yet puritanical theocracy called "America". The truth of that sun's light burns too bright to look away.

I say, if you want to censor me, tax me, toss me or my customers outside of my own business, dictate to me, my family and my businesses how we're going to live our lives or throw me in jail if I don't comply, then expect us--anyone and everyone who refuses to obey and believe in "Progress"--  expect us evil degenerates to return the goddamn favor if we ever seize power...absolute power.

Which is exactly what we should do, I'm coming to conclude. (Who's to say that we can't? Who's to say that we won't?) An open warning to Progs: you've undermined, corrupted and destroyed the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the separation of powers, the rule of law, due process and private property. (Okay, sure. Republican politicians haven't helped much in the last 100 years as they've conceded nearly every issue to Progressivism. But let's also admit that the Republican Party, at least since John McCain's hero Teddy Roosevelt was around, could easily be rechristened "The Progressive Party Lite.") If you don't respect these conceptual foundations and American institutions, then why should we? If you can't be tolerant of others and of us, why should we be tolerant of you? (These are the questions that all new dissidents and subversives, all of those who openly question the tripartite god of "Democracy, Equality and Progress" currently ruling the West, should ask themselves.)

What we have, in other words, is a structural, systematic problem, which is why Republican politicians are nothing but a bunch of big, fat wet pussies. The problem isn't who's elected; it's the elections themselves. The problem is democracy. My aristocratic anarchist hero H.L. Mencken reminds us that "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve it good and hard."  Over 2,000 years ago both Plato and Aristotle (I know, dead white males and all) argued that democracy naturally leads to corruption and tyranny. They were right. We can now confirm their arguments with our own experience: the great "American experiment in democracy" failed. Miserably. (In my opinion, it was all over when some Progressive dictator from Illinois with a top-hat and hipster beard invaded and conquered the rest of America.) So how do we correct this slight political error in Western history?

Despite one notorious failure in the past, my guess is that the best way to end American and Western democracy would be through peaceful secessionist movements. Let there be authentic freedom of association. Let us go our separate ways as we choose. It's that simple. Alternative Right writer, and fellow adventurer through the perilous jungles of modern thought-crimes, Brett Stevens (who's distanced many more miles than I on this journey) coined a rather clever phrase for this potential peaceful resolution: "Separation is Sanity." But if Progs refuse to let us go, and we have all the data in the world to make that presumption, then it's only a question of who rules whom. Who's willing to be more ruthless, more cunning, more vicious. Put simply: It will come down to who has the balls to utilize more power, employ the most violence and, ultimately, do whatever it takes to win an inevitable war.

Personally, I don't care to see that bloodbath. And considering that most Progs themselves don't have the balls to fight us in the streets, nothing could be more tragic than seeing a USG military mostly composed of RedState kids--following orders from Prog politicians--shooting on their own RedState people fighting for the cultural survival of flyover country. (I imagine many Progs might salivate in their sleep with sadistic wet-dreams of such genocidal scenarios, but maybe I'm being unfair.) On the other hand, I'm sick of being ruled by an intolerant, and thus intolerable, secular religion with which I share very little, if anything, in common.

That leaves us with two possible resolutions were we to face such a dreadful synopsis in the near future: 1) Perpetual civil war, i.e., bloodbath; or 2) some sort of RedState (rightwing) military coup.

Even as a libertarian or "Nietzschean anarchist," I say possibility #2 is highly preferable to #1, wouldn't you? And as Progs continue to shove their religion down the rest of our throats, I expect more and more of us will feel less and less sympathy for whatever ghastly consequences a #2 outcome might hold out for them. That's because, as the news story above illustrates once again, Progressivism is proving itself to be a thoroughly fascistic, though oddly inverted, authoritarian religion in itself.

Perhaps it's time to give up any antiquated, fuddy-duddy notions of civility and outdated, conservative ideas regarding common civic decency. Perhaps it's time to embrace a warrior ethos against our political and cultural enemies. The foundations of America are not only cracked beyond repair, they're buried by a century and a half of corruption, far below any retrievable surface. They can't be resurrected, redeemed or restored. And even if they could be, why assume that, say, a restored U.S Constitution wouldn't lead us exactly back to where we are today?
Unfortunately, most mainstream conservatives and libertarians still stand in stark denial of these observations. As Jack Donovan has noted, "there's nothing left to conserve". The psychological standard of oh-so-too-many establishment Republican people ironically aligns itself, though for vastly different reasons, with that of our enemy Progressives: Reality is Unacceptable. And the reality is that, when civilizational systems fail, there will always be power vacuums that seem to magically pop into existence, sucking up whatever mechanisms there are to rule. Even in decentralized, localized, and democratic socio-economic political systems, the Iron Law of Oligarchy prevails. I say, leave the buried rubble of America's political foundations in the mud. Without discarding our history, our stories, our literature, our art and lessons of what we've learned and suffered throughout the ages, let us create something new. Let us embrace the inevitable entropy that's occurring around us, let us enjoy the decline and "let the chips fall as may" by letting go of our meaningless modern lives programmed by television, clickbait, IKEA and cubicles.

There are other possible resolutions to our dilemma, of course, besides war or a coup d'etat. We could continue our slow steady march into Progressive totalitarianism for decades to come (though I doubt this beast has another century in it, especially after Russia, China, India and Iran dump the dollar). There could be quasi-Right/Left, localized, anarchistic movements across the West, who wish to preserve their autonomy against the hegemonic mono-culture of Prog-people. Or there could be a rise in populist-nationalist movements (as we see in Europe today) who share similar goals. There could be alliances made that would spawn dangerous devil children such as the National-Anarchist movements. Or, if you really want to consider some spooky possibilities, you just start reading Nick Land's work (as I have), which is incredible, amazing, cryptic, poetic, and--best of all--subtly Nietzschean with all sorts of anarchistic undertones. (The horror...the horror.) Reading his work--or this kid's work--will also compel you to fall in love with the dark apocalyptic future that awaits us all. (The power of gnon compels you to love it...especially if you're a painter who sprouts furious aesthetic hard-ons with eternal outputs of energy for colors like this:

The future is open and unwritten. There is no "right or wrong side of history". But reality is what it is as well, damn it. People will rule. Over time hierarchies will establish themselves, as they always do, one way or another. Not all hierarchies are equal. The are good hierarchies, and there are bad hierarchies. How do we know which are which? The bad hierarchies suck dick. That's how. The question is, do we--the heretical underclasses--really want to be ruled by a group of people, who commonly recite nonsense referencing "the need for responsible global governance," (which, translated from Prog-speak, simply means: world domination), by people who believe they are (for all common purposes) a superior "race" of people to us, and who hold us in such contempt that they'll stop at nothing to censor, imprison or destroy any person, thede, ranch, tribe, community, culture, idea, religion or business that stands in their way?

I don't. And I don't want my kiddies, or the generations who come after them, to waste time debating authoritarian Prog-tards about whether they should drink hemlock for their own good because..."democracy". Democracy is dead. Progs, you killed it (in conjunction with the the deep state). Now, if the hot, wrathful waters of our Western decline boil down to the deepest floors of war and violence over who controls power, then I still opt for possibility #2 (mentioned above). Authoritarianism, by definition, would be in play here, which could be nasty for the Progs (and possibly delightful for the rest of us degenerate, sadistic heretics in RedState territories).

Despite my disdain for authoritarianism, the fact is I would rather rule than be ruled. And since we heretics don't believe in the Progressive value of universalism--secularized from Christianity after God's recent funeral--we really wouldn't have a problem with leaving you alone. I know I wouldn't. You can smoke weed, abstain from tobacco, cut off your penis, drive a Prius, and only eat organic grass imported from an African fair-trade workers collective all you like. Unlike Progs and other fundamentalist religions, we heretics don't feel the need to spread the good word of "Equality" (or whatever) across the earth. It's none of my business. But, again, Progs just can't help themselves due to their self-righteous crusades to save the world and the children, crusades which negate any sensible instinct to mind your own goddamn business. You can't keep your religion to yourselves. You can't respect our privacy. And you can't respect our property. You simply cannot leave us the fuck alone.

So, maybe it's time to remind the Progs of why fascism proper--that is, an authoritarian government that suppresses nearly all social & economic liberty for the purpose or directing those it rules towards the cultural unification and centralization of a large, imperial nation-state--sucks balls.

Although we heretics are certainly using it as a dialectical power play these days, we should refrain from entirely embracing anything as lowly and crude as slave morality. In fact, it is the slave morality of Progressivism that we must overcome. We shouldn't seek revenge, and resentment kills the soul. We just need to assess the reality of our situation: there are deep cultural divisions that exist here; these divisions are not reconcilable by traditional, democratic (or probably even civil) means; we all want to be left alone; and, if we can't go our separate ways, someone is going to rule. I don't blame Progressives for acting like fascists. It's human nature to conquer, kill or control those whom you perceive to be weaker than you. The thing is, perception doesn't always match up to reality. And the reality is that there will always be, though very few in number, plenty of heretics--true individuals, free spirits against the Crowd!--who are willing, in one strange way or another, to take the great leap above Progressive herd-morality and beyond good and evil. 

Or, to piggyback on the words of my main man Mencken: If Progs want authoritarianism, perhaps we should give it to them...good and hard!

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