Monday, March 10, 2014

Viva La Difference!

The Alternative Right (aka The New Right) seems seriously confused over the values of liberty and individualism. Here, for example, is a recent post by a New Right blogger--"The Traditionalist"--who republished an argument by Roger Scruton against free trade. Alain De Benoist, a French thinker of the European New Right I immensely respect, makes similar arguments against free trade. (De Benoist, by the way, rejects the "New Right" label.) These thinkers make the mistake of confusing contemporary crony capitalism with authentic free trade, and then, ironically ( or unwittingly?), argue in defense of crony capitalism, that is, a system of trade regulated, taxed and controlled (to one degree or another) by the state in the name of protecting "the people".

Boys, boys, boys! National Socialism chokes on the same statist chode as Progressivism does. Oh, sure, hard political power over the economy tastes salty and delicious if you're into that sorta thing (I'm not), but in time, you better get ready to swallow. Or take it in the eye. The party ends the same, either way, fellas. It blows up in your face. Your political control over and against free trade will run into the same problems, the same inefficiencies and the same injustices we've seen under every other goddamn socialist system in the last 200 years. Once you get your hands on the wheel of the state, if you decide to stay on the same Progressive road littered with socialism and the trash produced by a controlled economy, you'll still drive right off the goddamn cliff.

De Benoist, to his credit, makes some excellent points regarding the problems of contemporary crony global capitalism and its problematic relationship with the environment, immigration, wages and small towns. It's just that, Progressives have been making similar (if not the same) arguments for quite some time now (well, except for the immigration issue--that's hate speech!). Look, no one likes to see major global corporations wipe out small, local mom & pop businesses. I'm all for supporting localism, secession, decentralization, self-determination and local autonomy. But your prescription for the disease is the cause of the illness you're attempting to cure!

If you don't want to see Mom&Pop businesses go bust, then get the state the fuck out of town! Free trade must flourish, not choke on the chode of control instituted by New Right politicians. Christ. Again, here, I'll flip the order of the same equation: globalism (crony capitalism spreading across the world) is the effect of giant super-states attempting to control every goddamn transaction on earth for the "greater good," not the cause.

Dear darling infidels of Neo-Reaction, Reaction, the Alternative Right, and the Dark Enlightenment: please, for the sake of the living, bloody Jesus, consider the possibility--the reality--that the state itself, through excessive regulation, taxation and licensing laws, fertilizes the ground of trade with abnormal, unnatural seeds designed in a government laboratory to mutate some businesses into giant corporations, only to sustain the perpetual growth of these corporate monstrosities through bailouts, subsidization and, again, licensing laws and excessive (innumerable) regulations that artificially restrict entrepreneurial competition from entering the marketplace.

The existence of more competition, more small, local entrepreneurs, which entails far less control and far more freedom, is needed, not less. Anarchy will save your local Mom&Pop diner from the Denny's down the street, not some New Right politician, because the conditions would exist for far more Mom&Pops to exist. Anarchy is the fresh, fertile soil of the earth, untouched by the mutated seeds of manipulation and control. For, "the overman shall be the meaning of the earth! I beseech you, my brothers, remain faithful to the earth!"

So, stop confusing contemporary Progressive crony capitalism with authentic free trade. Roger Scruton writes, "If free trade means the importation of pornography into Islamic countries, who can defend it?" Well, I can, dude. One Muslim man choking his chicken to American porn does far less harm (if any) to his local community and culture than the Muslim porno gestapo--and the Islamic herd that empowers it--would in their execution of holy duties: swooping down a swift chop of the blade to those dirty hands caught with hairy Muslim palms. Now, if you happen to be a fan of Alain De Benoist, as I am, then that comment might strike you as strange. But that's only because you discount individuality and individualism as decent values that foster the strength and growth of mankind. You are, in other words, a turd. A herd turd.

Even Alex Kurtagic has trouble with individualism. Just compare the speech he gives below to his Masters of the Universe speech in 2011. Which way is it gonna be, fellas! I hope more of the Alternative Right takes the alternative route to which Mr. Kurtagic is pointing in his "The End of the World" speech. Otherwise, we can expect the New Right to hold hands, shed a tear, depress the gas pedal, kiss their sweet asses good-bye and follow their Progressive friends (such as Thelma and Louise) into the abyss. The alternative road is one of personal liberty and individualism. The alternative, radical route will command our attention to the differences we'll encounter on the way, along this tumultuous road less traveled. It's a far more dangerous route, but well worth the ride, as all real adventures are.

Note to the New Right: Live dangerously, pussies. And viva la difference!

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