Saturday, March 22, 2014

Land vs. Annisimov

Check this out!

Also see Nick Land's post here, and follow the comments.

Neoreaction--or The Dark Enlightenment--is finally breaking up. I'm in the corner with Land (and Moldbug). The Bumpkin Socialists (neo-fascists) just don't give a shit about social, personal or economic liberty. We all agree that political "liberty" realized through a system of government in the name of establishing universal, worldwide equality (aka, democracy) is the enemy, that "progress" is a metaphysical belief system and that the West is nothing but a corrupt, dying civilization that deserves everything that's coming to it.

But we Dark Libertarians, Neocameralists and Nietzschean Anarchists aren't getting along so well with the Trads, White Nationalists and Bumpkin Socialists in our rebel alliance against the United States Empire. Oh, well. It was fun!

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