Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Reply to Count Nothingface

I'm just re-posting my replies to several blogs I read for the hell of it. You can read his original post here
I appreciate your reply and the time you took to read a couple of my rambling posts on The Cantankerous Mustache. I sincerely hope that Count Nothingface, Nick Land and other dark angels of this glorious, subversive counter-Enlightenment movement will one day emphasize (or perhaps realize) the importance of personal, economic and individual liberty. It’s not just all about transhumanism, AI and materialistic efficiency. Contrary to what many in Neoreaction argue, there are substantive artistic and spiritual values linked to freedom: like the liberty to command oneself, for starters. Yo, it’s not like our present-day, intolerant, fascistic Progressive Overlords value freedom. I hope the Dark Enlightenment doesn’t lose all sight of that pesky little fact. Mr. Aimless Gromar, though certainly one of the most intelligent writers of Nrx, is perhaps the most hostile to the few libertarians and anarchists who value individual liberty, cheap thrills, fast woman and general debauchery. It’s an unfortunate development, like discovering your five-year-old child has just been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.

One thing Annisomov gets right: despite the apparent futility in creating a bunker pocket in a city for the Trads, at least it’s something–a Traditionalist Free State Project. Exit within the Empire. For those of us who can’t choose Exit, something must be done besides implementing Moldbug’s Taoist art of war theory: do nothing (and win over the intellectual elites). Libertarians have been trying that for decades now to no avail (obviously). The Dark Enlightenment has about as much chance converting the Iron Triangle into a vehicle for Nrx as the Libertarian Party has winning the next presidential election. Here’s a much more useful way to burn dark energy and spend time rather than hacking away the branches of weak, potential allies–libertarians–with the double-bladed Nrx axe: discuss strategies for resistance to the United States Empire (or, as Moldbug calls it, the Vampire of the World).
Allow me to present the work of another libertine-loving anarchist: Mr. Keith Preston at Attack the System.com. Pan-archy. Secession. Disorder. Chaos. Lions. Tigers. Bears. Oh, my! Also, for another writing topic Count Nothingface might consider engaging: Nrx presumes that a state has to exist because of the nature-abhors-a-vacuum problem concluded by Moldbug. But, Moldbug (and Nrx generally) fails to consider the vast historical accounts of societies and tribes that have existed (and escaped from) parasitical nation-states. Je vous present: the works of anarchist James C. Scott! Don’t dismiss him for being a Leftist, for as a leftist, he’s not a modernist and hardly a Progressive.
As I mentioned in a post to Aimless Gromar, Traditionalism and Personal Liberty or Property Rights need not be antithetical concepts or cultural enemies. Bali, Indonesia, for example, is one lovely place I lived for four months that is both far more free and far more traditional than “the land of the free”. Thus, the attacks on libertarianism are neither sufficient nor necessary. But they are quite superfluous.

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