Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Reply to Count Nothingface

 I love his name. And this is my reply to one of his first posts:

A fine analysis. And what would our dear techno-commercialists or the traditionalists do without us degenerate, libertine libertarians? Look, you're all trying to fill a hole, a canyon, a cave, to fill a void--a black hole--in order to deposit a mineral of substance you slavishly desire and at the same time detest and lack: testicles. Neither Aimless Gromar nor Moldbug nor the Mises Institute will discover that cherished mineral missing from Neoreaction, because you all keep digging. For nothing.

Kurtagic might help here on the mixed metaphors. Or not. Good luck typing your anti-revolutionary revolution while dismissing, if not entirely discarding, those cards in your hand that you need the most: your wild jokers.

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