Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Reply to Count Nothingface

I'm just re-posting my replies to several blogs I read for the hell of it. You can read his original post here

Monday, March 24, 2014

Anarchy = Hierarchy = Reality. Bitches

But what happens when the state means equality? Then, as "anarchist" Noam Chomsky will never tire of reminding us, we should accept the state for what it has achieved in the name of "social progress," "equality," "human rights," and blah-blah-blah-vote-Obama.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hungover Hate Speech

I partied my ass off yesterday for a good friend's birthday. The pleasant effects of alcohol and tobacco abuse can be sustained the following day, easing and delaying the inevitable hell of a hangover, by two noninvasive medical procedures: consuming more beer in moderates doses; or, the healthier option, practicing some or listening to the melodic rhythms of hate speech.

Thus, I present Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, ladies and germs. Happy Sunday Funday, everybody. And many happy returns. (Oh, and congrats to Venice for their vote of secession from Italy. The evil "neo-Confederates" are taking over the world!)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Land vs. Annisimov

Check this out!

Also see Nick Land's post here, and follow the comments.

Neoreaction--or The Dark Enlightenment--is finally breaking up. I'm in the corner with Land (and Moldbug). The Bumpkin Socialists (neo-fascists) just don't give a shit about social, personal or economic liberty. We all agree that political "liberty" realized through a system of government in the name of establishing universal, worldwide equality (aka, democracy) is the enemy, that "progress" is a metaphysical belief system and that the West is nothing but a corrupt, dying civilization that deserves everything that's coming to it.

But we Dark Libertarians, Neocameralists and Nietzschean Anarchists aren't getting along so well with the Trads, White Nationalists and Bumpkin Socialists in our rebel alliance against the United States Empire. Oh, well. It was fun!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

31 Flavors of Fascism, by Jim Goad

We're all about Fascism here at the offices of the Cantankerous Mustache. Hey, didn't Hitler wear a cantankerous mustache? That's cool. We applaud his efforts to strike fear into the hearts of German hipsters with his un-hip facial hair. (Are beards still fashionable to hipsters? When they aren't, I'll be sure to grow mine again.) Writing for Taki's MagazineJim Goad, rising literary outlaw and unapologetic slayer of pussified PC dragons, shines his critical beams of basic logic and clear thinking onto this mysterious dark rock we all like to hurl at each other: Fascism. Read Goad's original piece here. And enjoy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fascism & the Fall of Man

If you wanna learn about Newtonian physics the hard way, jump off the roof of your local skyscraper. The last sound you'll hear are the beautiful harmonies of gravity. Splat! Having an uncanny knack for practicing perpetual somnambulism, Americans have slept-walked their way to the roof of totalitarianism.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Viva La Difference!

The Alternative Right (aka The New Right) seems seriously confused over the values of liberty and individualism. Here, for example, is a recent post by a New Right blogger--"The Traditionalist"--who republished an argument by Roger Scruton against free trade. Alain De Benoist, a French thinker of the European New Right I immensely respect, makes similar arguments against free trade. (De Benoist, by the way, rejects the "New Right" label.) These thinkers make the mistake of confusing contemporary crony capitalism with authentic free trade, and then, ironically ( or unwittingly?), argue in defense of crony capitalism, that is, a system of trade regulated, taxed and controlled (to one degree or another) by the state in the name of protecting "the people".

Becoming Masters of the Universe

In the beginning, there was He-Man. My dearly departed mother, so she told me, used to enjoy reading Greek mythology when she was in high school. I wonder at times if our tastes and desires our passed down to us through genetic encoding. Whoever invented the world of that popular cartoon from the early 1980s, whose action-packed episodes would pull me to the television every morning with exponential gravitational strength, must have a read a little mythology himself of the ancient Greeks. And probably a little Nietzsche, too.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

America Is a Communist Country

This dude has read Moldbug. Hence the title. As I might have mentioned before, if you like Nietzsche, you'll love Moldbug, as we all do here at the offices of the Cantankerous Mustache. And if you're into experimenting with Moldbuggery, you'll trip out on this article. My experience in college as a PC-heretic was just as alienating (and illuminating) as Mr. Pell's was.

What's the ruling class gonna do, me wonders, when more and more dudes and chicks begin thinking like Mr. Pell and The Cantankerous Mustache, and less like your proud, all-American Republican clown? The difference between these two attitudes is the difference between conservatism and radicalism, moderation and extremism, compromise and uncompromising victory. In the end the US Empire and the Progressive religion which controls it, methinks, will rely upon the same tactics such forward-leaning types did in the 20th century in order to create a new, updated 21st century version of the New Jerusalem: mass murder for all non-believers. Chairman Mao's social monstrosity of mass murder only led the way for our contemporary Progressive visionaries.

The author's advice in light of our current Dark Age and the future? "Act accordingly." Now, what might that entail? Hmmm....

Enjoy the article!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

What Is the Dark Enlightenment?

As of today The Dark Enlightenment, it seems to me, is going to war with itself in a struggle to confirm a solid ideological identity, by deciding, for example, whether or not PUAs are allowed in, whether Mencius Moldbug is less important than Evola, if Patri Friedman should be allowed to consider himself part of the Dark Enlightenment, and how much it would like to embrace the value of personal or economic liberty. (It distances itself further and further away from liberty everyday). Divorce is always a shame, but sometimes inevitable. I discovered Moldbug's blog just last October, spent a month or two obsessing over finishing it, and then found various writers for Neoreaction shortly afterward. The Dark Enlightenment was born of the mysterious evil genius Moldbug and political philosopher Nick Land. If you like Nietzsche, you'll love Moldbug, who effectively authored an updated version of "The Geneology of Morals" in his Unqualified Reservations blog by explicating the puritanical, Christian fundamentalist roots of modern-day Progressivism, the West's mainstream, dominant (secular) religion.