Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Multiheaded Fascist Wants to "Cure" Us All

So, my question is this: who's the real fascist?

It's a late night tonight. Dark Enlightenment Sith Lord Leader Nick Land posted a quote from some dude named "Multiheaded":

… what’s … terrifying to me is that [Mencius Moldbug] is a sign of things to come; certain objective processes within the early 21st century Western society have actually produced “neo-reaction”, and these processes have no reason to abate. … the world just felt very wrong all of a sudden.

Oh, the horror, indeed. The thought of more thought criminals!

Actually, what I personally find horrific about Progressives such as "Multiheaded" are some of their not-so-subtle suggestions about what to do with us heretics. Take a look at what "Multiheaded" posted a couple paragraphs below the above statement about us evil-doers:

They are justified in complaining that progressivism is holding them back. I, for one, only regret that this particular boot is not stomping on their faces hard enough.

Who's the fascist here? Hmmm…Gee. Then, Multiheaded's pal, Ialdabaoth, follows with this beauty:

Seconded, although neuroscience is developing better and better tools for identifying them. Personally, I’m hopeful for a day when non-consensual social dominance is considered symptomatic of a disorder, and compassionately treated/cured.

Got that, everyone? He wants to strap up anyone he disagrees with, commit us to the loony-bin (of course, without our consent), and "cure" us….oh, compassionately. We probably need the old RP McMurphy "treatment," of course. Interestingly, this person believes that "non-consensual social dominance" (I suppose he's thinking about gun control, speech codes or affirmative action) should be "cured" with, um, non-consensual social dominance. (And, by the way, where does Moldbug--a libertarian neocameralist who has poured over the economic and historical works of Mises and Rothbard, argue in defense of "non-consensual social dominance"? If you argue that Moldbug's potential CEO ruler, similar to Hoppe's vision of a decentralized monarchy that respects private property and private contracts, is "social dominance," then you might have a point. You might also be a fan of Stalin and Mao, however, whether you realize it or not.) 

Or, maybe Multiheaded proves yet again why "Health and Safety" Progressivism is the new Fascism. How in god's name did a hippy like Ken Kesey foresee the potential of controlling society with authoritarian power all in the name of "public health"?  People like Multiheaded already have immense power, which is one reason why I fundamentally disagree with Julius Evola, Mencius Moldbug and the ancient Taoists. 

We do not have time to "ride the tiger," as Evola suggests. Mr. Moldbug advises several times that it's not "noble" to act in the same manner as Communist Revolutionaries do, even for good causes. And the ancient, anarchistic Taoists believed that the most effective action was non-action (wu wei), as we see practiced in the martial arts of Judo or Jujitsu. 

Well, I say to hell with all that. 

If we don't want to be herded into mass lobotomy centers in the name of "Health and Safety"--for the "greater good of society"--then we need to be discussing action. Now. Everyone: libertarians (of all different stripes and colors); anarchists; anarcho-monarchists; individualists; anarcho-capitalists; syndicalists; national-anarchists; paleo-conservatives; reactionaries; neo-reactionaries; and other friends of the Dark Enlightenment; the alternative right; non-violent "criminals"; gangs; bikers; militiamen; tribes; pan-anarchists; mutualists; classical liberals; secessionists; the Free State Project people; disgruntled firearms owners; victims of the IRS; disaffected and disillusioned veterans (hopefully, there are lots of these people); in effect, I would argue anyone who is or has been alienated by the current American system of Progressive power and order; anyone who's been wrongly persecuted or prosecuted for a victimless crime; radical environmentalists who understood Ted Kaczynski; workers out of the job due to USG policy; small business owners or former entrepreneurs who are now bankrupt due to USG policy; and so on. 

We need to make alliances and discuss strategy. We need an All-American Anti-American Empire Rebel Alliance. We need to start thinking about exit, secession, resistance and revolution strategies more seriously, even with groups of people we normally wouldn't dream of associating with under normal conditions and times. (These are not normal conditions and times, it goes without saying.) Do we really want to wait until Multiheaded and his pals fulfill their dreams of arresting and lobotomizing people like Mencius Moldbug or Nick Land for thought-crimes? Do you have any doubt that people like Multiheaded would hesitate to effect and repeat the gruesome purges we witnessed in the 20th century in the name of "Democratic Progress"? 

We don't need anymore evidence for what their ultimate intentions or motives are. We know what the trends are and where they are headed. As Cody Wilson likes to say (and this is the ultimate question that faces us): If not now, when?  

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