Thursday, February 27, 2014


Since I'm on a Heidegger kick, I thought I would share another coherent essay on what ol' Marty meant by "being-in-the-world". This piece was written by Roy Hornsby, and you can find the original essay here. I always feel the need to republish little gems like this one due to the tenuous nature of the interwebs and humanity in general--you fickle horde of fools! Unfortunately, Mr. Hornsby's essay is formatted in such a way that I can't republish it here, so read it while you can online.

And for less charitable views on Heidegger, Nietzsche, and that strange, colorful thread that runs through anarchism, existentialism and fascism, check out these two articles published by the American Thinker a couple years ago: "The Green Nazi Deep Ecology of Martin Heidegger" and "Friedrich Nietzsche and His Proto-Nazi Eco-Fascism". Follow the links in the articles!

In other news, AZ governor Jan Brewer proved once again yesterday why democracy is in no way compatible with property rights, individual liberty or religious freedom as she refused to sign into law a bill that would give legal protection to business owners and entrepreneurs who would discriminate against homosexuals on a religious basis. If the Republican Party had any brains, or balls, I think they could have easily solved this problem by including in the bill a provision which explicitly stated that homosexual property owners could discriminate against whomever they wanted for their religious beliefs as well. The true religious fanatics, intolerant Progressives in the media, would be stammered by such a provision as it would reinforce the point that the purpose of the bill is to protect religious liberty, freedom of conscience and, therefore, property rights.

Property owners, whether they enjoy homo-erotic anal sex or not, should have the right to discriminate or not discriminate against whomever they want. As one of my professors used to say, it's literally none of your business if you don't own the property and run the business. If you think businesses should be forced by the state to discriminate against smokers AND should be forced (against their religious conscience) to do business with homosexuals, you're not only a hypocritical bigot lacking critical thinking skills, you're an authoritarian monster who should be deprived of any and all political power, including the "right" to vote. Sadly, Arizona has one of those monsters for its governor.

And for some late news that's even more devastating than the state of Arizona: the writer, actor, producer and director Harold Ramis died Feb. 24th, 2014. These were some of the films he helped to create, all of which helped me mature and grow as a human being (he-he) throughout life, having viewed them countless times: "Animal House," "National Lampoon's Vacation," "Stripes," "Caddyshack,"Ghostbusters," "Groundhog Day," and "Analyze This." Harold Ramis created an anti-Hollywood-actOOOR genre I immensely respect. Seriously, take a look at those films and notice how un/anti-PC all of them are, how none of them take themselves too seriously. The most obvious example probably reveals itself in "Ghostbusters," an all-American story about four normal dudes who attempt to capitalize on their abnormal hobbies and interests. The villain arouses our hatred as an arrogant pig-bureaucrat from the EPA. I used to watch this film at least once a day between the rather sensitive, developmental years of 4 and 7. Maybe I have Ramis to thank for my libertarian, anarchistic sensibilities. And I still love that movie. "Ghostbusters," like the rest of Ramis' films, was a stain on the elitist values of Progressive Hollywood. No serious actOOOR would ever take "Caddyshack" seriously. Ramis' film aesthetic was analogous to the Ramones' musical philosophy: rock out and have fun! Or, as he once said, "Acting is all about big hair and funny props." Tell that to the slugs who will spend seven long hours ejaculating on one another in the most boring and simultaneously disgusting display of self-love since last year's orgy: The Academy Awards. Ugh.
Ramis, you will be missed. RIP.

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