Friday, February 28, 2014

Becoming the New (Happy) Barbarians! By Jack Donovan

I love this speech. Can't say I disagree with anything much in there except for when he says, "If you believe race is deeper than skin color, and means blood and heritage..." On the one hand, race probably is deeper than skin color, at least, that's what my Progressive professors in college always told me whenever they wished to discuss identity politics.

On the other hand, there are tens-of-millions of Yankee Progressives, who are white, white, white, and share nothing, absolutely nothing, in common regarding heritage, "blood and soil" and so on with millions of other white Americans who are not Progressives (and, thus, infidels). Did I fail to mention that these Progressives are white-white-white-whiter than white can be? In contrast to this data, two of my best, life-long friends are Mexican, but they are definitely not Progressives. (Actually, when you think about it, the truly Progressive Mexicans that find a safe home in America are few and far between despite the voting patterns of Mexicans in general, patterns which exist to serve their own self-interests--who doesn't like free money?).

Donovan calls himself an "anarcho-fascist". Okay. Why not? I'm interested in all things beginning with "anarcho," so I'm certainly not going to dismiss Donovan for having the balls to claim such an aberrant ideological identity openly. Fascism proper entails particular aesthetic and cultural ideals that do not necessarily coincide with how most people use the word "fascism" today, including myself. In other words, there's Fascism Proper, and then there's Default Fascism. I'll write another post hopefully explicating what I think the differences are between these two strangely related dogs bred in the backyard of Western Civilization. But, basically, Barak Obama exemplifies DF, while Ronald Reagan exuded the aesthetic of FP a la Americana style. (Then, I'd argue there's something of a hybrid between them--the worst of the worst genes spliced together to birth the most violent, vile inbred animals the West can produce exemplified by case-studies such as John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Teddy Roosevelt. Let's call that American Fascism Prime.) In any case, I think Donovan is genius for stealing what's best from the tradition of Fascist aesthetics or ideals and combining it with anarchism, even if I don't agree with the entirety of the message.

Oh, and did we mention that Donovan is an androphile? This is a term, one he has designated for his own sexual orientation, which means one man who loves other men. I personally know two older lesbian women in my family, whom I love dearly, who have been disgusted with most of what we might call the "gay rights movement" in recent years. One of these women is a conservative Democrat, the other a conservative Republican. Neither one would support the LGBT's attempt to censor ideas or shut down various student Christian groups on college campuses. They think "gay pride parades" are ridiculous, idiotic shows of flamboyant debauchery and an embarrassment to a "silent minority" of homosexual Americans. Likewise, they believe "gay marriage" is a joke. I've always wondered if there were others out there like them. Jack Donovan, whose book, "The Way of Men," which attempts to rescue manly virtues and pride from our emasculated mass culture, is one such other man, speaking out against the feminization of men, in defense of honor, strength and nobility. (This book needs to be read by every single fucking dude on the planet today.) He argues that "gay" is code for "I'm a thoughtless Progressive who acts like an effeminate, prissy little bitch because that's what I've been told to do--and proud of it!" One need not, he argues, be manipulated by mass culture to believe that some homosexual people are delusional freaks suffering from self-hatred just because they're not fulfilling Queer-Eye Progressive stereotypes and roles. (Of course, it goes without saying the same could be said for and of homosexual women.) Seriously, this dude rocks.

If Donovan takes what's best from Fascism Proper, he's argued elsewhere that we currently live under a somewhat inverted Fascist state--the Nanny State, that system of government which employs the worst aspects of historical Fascism: corporatism (the triangulation of ironclad power shared among the state, giant financial institutions and international corporations); authoritarianism; and totalitarianism. But it's an emasculated authoritarianism: we live under the rule of powerful and secular (though-no-less fanatical) nuns wagging their fingers at us hissing: "don't smoke! don't drink and drive! don't eat red meant! don't drink soda! watch your weight! don't say bad (politically incorrect) words! wear your seatbelt!," etc. It never ends.

Fascism Proper, or traditional Fascism, could be neatly expressed by Mussolini's dictum: "All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state." Totalitarian, yes, but a masculine, traditional totalitarianism at least. Our inverted, modern American version of Default Fascism, on the other hand, as Jack Donovan has argued, could be summed up neatly as, "All within the womb, nothing outside the womb, nothing against the womb." Yep.

So, I implore that anyone lucky enough to trip upon this bizarre blog of mine to watch the video below in its entirety. Mr. Donovan's thoroughly Nietzschean message to those of us lost and alienated in the world of modernity is this: that we need to become who we are--happy barbarians. Enjoy!

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