Thursday, February 20, 2014

Arizona Republic Bares Fascist Fangs at Libertarians

This is an interesting article by some shitty dude I met once long ago in my travels back and forth to Nogales back when I was in the midget, sex-slave trade business. Great business. Shitty dude. Still, when a shitty dude makes a decent point...

By the Phoenix Libertarian Examiner:

Just one more reason why no sane, critical-thinking person with a mind of his own should bother reading any mainstream, establishment newspapers of modern “journalism” (har-har). The editors of the Arizona Republic chose to print an obvious smear-piece against libertarians yesterday on the front page titled, "The Dark Money Man: Sean Noble, Koch cash and politics".

Cue the scary music on stage everyone! Where's the thunder and lightning? I need that lightning, pronto! And where are those damn robotic bats? Come on, people! We have a show to run here. This production will run on time. We have people to scare, damn it!

I'm not sure if anyone at the Republic, besides perhaps E.J. Montini, can write propaganda as well as the authors of this article, which is probably why the editors of the Republic re-published it from, another Progressive "news outlet" (chuckle).  After the first sentence, we're doused in the gasoline of Progressive newspeak as the Pravda, er, Republic editors attempt to strike the match of your indignant (and thoroughly manipulated) anger, your sense of "social justice" and outrage. From the second paragraph: "Plucked from obscurity by libertarian billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, Noble was tasked with distributing a torrent of political money raised by the Koch network, a complex web of non-profits nicknamed the Kochtopus, into conservative causes in the 2010 and 2012 elections” (italics mine).

Gotta love the passive voice. And exactly who, dare I ask, nicknamed the Koch’s with such an insipid moniker that it evokes flashing thoughts of Dr. Evil--“the Kochtopus”?  Hmmm…Duh ya think that perhaps da Progressive dolts themselves adopted the term for the Koch’s? Ya think? I wonder. Oh, and doesn’t a “complex web” arouse beautiful images of butterflies and flowers? No? Something more arachnid, I suppose? Hm.

But let’s move on and pretend that “the Kochtopus” is a term of use for those who practice objective and fair-minded journalism as we examine the next term of Orwellian vernacular expressed by the editors of the Arizona Republic: “Noble handed out almost $137 million in 2012 alone—all of it so-called dark money from his perch atop the Center To Protect Patient Rights, a group run out of a an Arizona post-office box” (italics mine).

1) Again, dare I ask, who so-calls this stuff “dark money”? Well, the so-called writers themselves, of course. Cue the hideous screams of horror! Where’s the fake blood? We need that fake blood! It’s “dark” money, everyone. Be afraid, be very afraid!

2) Who gives a damn about the post-office box?

If you bother to waste your time reading the rest of this disinformation piece (which I regrettably admit to doing), you’ll see it hammers at several old, authoritarian points they want to nail into your head, which you’ve probably heard before: that you, nor any other private group or association, should have the right to say what you want to say; nor should you have the right to give your money and property to whomever you wish—without reporting it to the income Gestapo; and that Democracy works when voters are “informed” by the Arizona Republic, but fails when they’re misled by evil libertarian organizations; and so on.

Nothing new here: the suppression of free speech, the abolition of any remaining and few property rights, the elimination of financial and economic privacy, and the moral crusading for an ex-post-facto definition of Democracy at the convenience of our totalitarian overseers.
That’s fine. Here’s the point: I'm all for "editorializing," which is what I'm doing here, but at the Republic it should be reserved for the editors' page, not the front page, which presents itself as a daily example of objective "reporting" (he-he).

Let’s dig a little deeper into this conceptual hole the Republic has dug by probing some premises of the article. Ever notice how “Democracy” always works when, say, a majority of fun-sucking do-gooders vote successfully for some new Progressive prohibition or tax at the expense of our property rights? And notice how “Democracy” fails when evil corporations, when any libertarian or conservative organization, or anything not stamped with official Cathedral approval attempts to influence the vote? When the Arizona Republic or The Cathedral—notice all the unnamed “experts” cited in the hit-piece—write articles such as this one, it’s “Democracy in Progress.”

When the American Cancer Society lobbies to pass another puritanical law of prohibition (since they’re obviously too incompetent to cure cancer), it’s “Democracy in Progress”. When Phillip Morris fights back with its own lobbying efforts, it’s “evil corporations taking over our Democracy”. Even when the majority rules, if the majority doesn’t rule correctly, have no fear or doubt, it will be overturned by a Progressive minority, as is the case with state-by-state homosexual marriage bans. (Oh, I’m all for a separation of marriage and state, by the way: Marriage Equality for Polygamists, now! Really, I am. I’m for more “marriage equality” than the most vociferous marriage equal-ist experts in Phoenix, by default of my absolute stance on a total separation of everything and the state. So, please, don’t miss the point.)

Nevermind for a moment that it’s none of the IRS’ or the Arizona Republic’s business what the Koch’s do with their money and property. The fact that we don’t have a total separation of property and the state, or education and the state, and so on, make these issues fair game for everyone’s influence; i.e., these matters—even those issues pertaining to the “commons”—which should be strictly reserved to private society, become a matter of state policy, and thus, a matter of Democracy, and therefore a matter of who has the most influence and power, whether it be a majority or a minority.

That’s the reality of Democracy, which contradicts the Progressive mythos of Democracy—the way things, they believe, should be (which is, by definition, whatever happens to work in their favor). We’re talking about the system-narrative itself. If a majority rules incorrectly, remember, it’s because it’s been influenced and corrupted by the evil (whatever, fill-in-the-blank) corporation, a libertarian organization or (gasp!) the “Kochtopus” and its boat-loads of “Dark Money”. (Scary music!) When the majority votes correctly, according to the Progressive, mainstream wishes of orthodox thinking, then all is good. If not, then there’s something terribly wrong. Forget the flagrant hypocrisy for a moment. Forget the thoughtless double standard of the Arizona Republic, a private newspaper that attempts to influence the political opinions of the masses every single day. Let’s focus on the Progressive narrative, the secular mythology of modern American Democracy, and consider for a brief moment that, perhaps, the Koch’s are using their political pull in a entirely useless and senseless way.

If we closely examine the narrative of Progressives as expressed in this article published by the Arizona Republic, Democracy only works in one direction. You see, I don’t think the Koch’s should be throwing their millions at various Republican candidates or libertarian causes either, but for utterly different reasons than those voiced by the Republic’s Machiavellian editorial posing as an authentic story. Let me put it this way: as Mencius Moldbug has reminded us, it’s time for a reboot. This system—the American system—cannot be reformed.

By publishing this article on “Dark Money,” we can see yet again how Progressives, those cuddly authoritarians with hipster haircuts and oh-so morally superior lifestyles than the rest of us sinners, have zero tolerance for free speech, free association or freedom in general. My thought on this matter is that, people who don’t value freedom don’t deserve it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the authors of the “Dark Money” article didn’t show the least bit of concern with the idea of throwing the Koch’s behind bars for their thought-crimes and heretical, politically incorrect, libertarian beliefs. Since the editors of the Arizona Republic chose to run this agitprop piece on the front page—as if it were a real, substantive news story—I’m guessing they might share the same totalitarian tendencies as the authors.

And I think our priestly ruling class of Progressive monsters are just beginning to bare their fascist fangs at libertarians or anyone else who dares to question their politically correct orthodoxy and dogma of Democracy. Perhaps it’s time for us to snarl right back.

The fact is this—Democracy is not compatible, in any way possible—not even representative Democracy, with its nonexistent "checks and balances," its nonexistent "federalist" system, and its “living” (dead) Constitution—with individual freedom, local autonomy, free markets or private property rights. And the Koch’s better wake up to that realization real soon. Indeed, they do need to stop throwing their millions at Republicans in a futile attempt to influence what’s obviously, at this point, a corrupt and broken system. We’re staring at the blue screen of death. It can’t be fixed by uploading new software. No matter how many “tea party” Republicans or even libertarians could be elected to office, this system can’t be reformed.

Here’s a fun trick to play on Progressives: ask them if they like Democracy, then ask how many times they’ve voted for the EPA. The fact is, no matter which politician you vote for, the vast bureaucratic nightmare—our current administrative Nanny State—will persist on a local, state and federal level. If Republicans win forever and ever in Arizona, the Arizona Forest Service—or the EPA—will still dictate to the rest of us every year when we can and can’t have fires while camping in our own backyards. How’s that for Democracy? And that’s just one tiny example. Here there dwells a legion of Nurse Ratched bureaucracies, at every level of government, that regulates, mandates, prohibits and surveils everything we do. It’s over.

It’s time to reset the hard drive altogether. Or smash it into a million different pieces with our own hammers of civil disobedience, expatriation, secession and local, tribal resistance movements. And the first step to implementing such a reboot isn’t taken by participating in the noxious, overwhelmingly self-congratulatory and yet self-defeating, process of Democracy, but by destroying the informal power structures that support the current system itself, including the Arizona Republic.

In other words, if the Koch’s really wished to restore property rights, individual liberty and local autonomy to Arizona, they should use their “dark money” to buy out the Arizona Republic. Immediately. Then, they should liquidate its assets, including the majority of its current employees. Start at the top and work your way down, fellas. Those on the bottom rung are least culpable for the nonsense published on the front page, of course. The editors, on the other hand, should find themselves waiting in the bread line. And if the editors wanted to start their own entrepreneurial business by running an Arizona version of Pravda, hey, go ahead. It’s a free country. (Notice how no one says that anymore? I wonder why.) That would be a lovely start. Then, maybe the Koch’s could buy out The New Times.

These people have no respect for freedom. So my thought is, why should they have any? Nurse Ratched has run this nuthouse for long enough. We’ve followed her orders. We sat quietly when she told us to. We’ve voted when she wanted us to vote. We’ve participated for years in countless and hilarious group-therapy sessions called “elections”. It’s been fun at times. But it’s time for us to unleash our inner R.P. McMurphy souls now. We know the truth. “She runs a rigged game.” It’s time to break out with Chief, or, if circumstances force us to do so, to strangle Nurse Ratched. We’ve been forced to suck up the fascist remedies this nuthouse has prescribed to us for several generations now, all in the name of a false, intolerant, puritanical religion called “Progress.” It currently envelopes us all under its flag of "Democracy," choking all freedom, joy, spontaneity, competition, tradition, individuality and creativity under its twin banners of "Health and Safety". And if we can’t escape the nuthouse before the orderlies arrive, then why not at least make an honest attempt to have some fun, break some laws and shove a little of their own fascist medicine right back into their own faces, force-fed into their own mouths, right down their own throats?
With a spoon.

It’s medication time, gentlemen. Open wide. Make sure to swallow.

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