Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anarcho-Monarchism Rocks!

Jesus, Lord. Am I really getting into this thing called "Anarcho-Monarchism"? I suppose it makes sense that I am. If The Dark Enlightenment splinters into various philosophical factions--as was predicted by Nick Land--then I shall fall firmly through its cracks into the dark web of Anarcho-Monarchy. Restore his Royal Majesty, now! Occupy Your Local Tribe and Township, Now! End the Technocratic Rational-ocracy, Now! Restore Aristocratic Individualism and Organic Tradition, Now!

Silly? I don't think so. It certainly beats the shit out of our current worldwide Western system. What we have now is such a goddamn joke that a former KGB officer actually looks like a preferable national executive to our modern Progressive plutocracy.

So, I highly recommend watching the video posted below in its entirety. It's fascinating and intelligent. Damn shame it only has 756 views. But, then, I don't expect Anarcho-Monarchy to be popular in a democracy. And if it were, it probably wouldn't be worth paying it a royal shilling's worth of attention. Enjoy!

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