Monday, February 24, 2014

America Needs Its Own Right Sector

I'm not sure why I've been in such an extremely Right-wing-ish mood lately. Perhaps it's been my obsession with The Dark Enlightenment ever since I finished reading Moldbug's blog last November. Or, perhaps because I just completed The Portable Nietzsche, which I would highly recommend to any Nietzsche fan in need of a refresher on some of his best work. Or, maybe it's because there really are primordial, ancient Forces of Darkness that stream through the universe in search of natural, demonic allies in our eternal war against Heaven.

For me, though I strive hard to critique of my own right-leaning biases, and even though I think the entire "left-versus-right" paradigm rolls out a manipulative model of philosophical simplicity that borders on retardation--one that entirely denies the true historical dynamism and cultural or intellectual affluence of philosophical ideas--there will always be something so deliciously wicked about being on the Dark side of the Force. Some of us, I suppose, are just born to be Satan's Little Helpers.

Therefore, as a proud fan of The Light Bearer and all his ancient, evil deeds, I had to express my immense pleasure at seeing the Right Sector succeed today with their little revolution in the Ukraine. Here we have a lovely example of what could happen if the Tea Party and Occupy Movement made friends and joined forces. Let us hope that Right Sector will struggle to maintain the Ukraine's independence from both Putin's Russia, but, much more importantly, from USA/EU/NATO/UN Progressive Western Imperialism as well. Congratulations, fellas.

(Now, again, don't sour it all by playing nice with the Western powers. They will attempt to buy you off like a bunch of two-cent hookers. And, I'm not sure why you would want to elect judges. Perhaps the translation needs some more work in the video below. It seems to me that democracy, including judicial democracy, is as insane as it is insipid. I would suggest, instead of embracing anything related to democracy, that perhaps you consider an attempt to implement a decentralized system of Anarcho-Monarchy after restoring order. But, whatever, it's nice to see some sort of successful social movement for once that gives me hope. This much is true: for your resolve and strength, you all deserve freedom far more than America does. As for us and our emasculated, corrupt, pussified acceptance of the current social order, we Americans deserve exactly what we have--totalitarian humanism. Where's our American Right Sector?)

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