Monday, November 24, 2014

Extremism in Defense of Executive Orders

My Neoreaction rant for the day:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yes, Progressives Worship Christopher Columbus

And will trigger WWIII for doing so. But they don’t even know it. How do I draw such a preposterous conclusion? Let’s see. Where to start. Our war (and it is a war) is global. Right now it’s a cold war. (For now.) From my beloved home state of Arizona to the small nation of Hungary, Progs are flapping their effeminate wrists in a furry, their delicate closed fists clenched as tight as a feminist’s vagina, (wait, is that 3rd or 4th wave?—which one promotes female promiscuity again?) to stop the…wait for it, wait for it…that’s right. The oppression.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Progs--Want Fascism? You Got It.

(Well, except for those friends and family I know who have been bewitched by this gloomy shadow of god--Progressivism. You beautiful mother fuckers know who you are! Now, quit dat shit, yo!) The title is derivative of my thoughts after reading this story about another family and private business punished for exercising their religious right to discriminate (or not) against whomever they goddamn well want:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Progs Are White Supremacists

First, read this.

"The goal is to get liberals to oppose Southern culture and see it as a problem." This article nicely illustrates the intolerant psycho-storm-of-shit that passes for Progressives' religious devotion to universalism. Any (sub) culture that Progs disagree with, er, "which stands on the wrong side of history," should be socially ostracized, domesticated, and subdued into submission until a total Borg-like assimilation of the heretic-culture plays itself out through the use of state compulsion and Prog propaganda (the mainstream media). In other words, Progs believe in cultural extermination and annihilation...NOT equality, pluralism, tolerance or even liberalism (proper). Their hypocrisy burns away any cognitive dissonance they might experience (which is unlikely in the first place). And in light of the fact that 99% of Progs are composed of Stuff White People Like-peeps, they are (unintentionally) the most devout white supremacists on the face of the planet.

For those few and dear Prog friends and family of mine, you beautiful creatures of gnon, ditch this goddamn religion. You're better than that. I know you are...or gnon will destroy you.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Matt Forney on Secular Puritanism

Catholicism allured my religious sensibilities as a young adult not only because of its rich history and devotional spirituality and solemnity, but its appreciation of aesthetic magnificence as well. In contrast to WASP culture, the culture in which I was raised, sure, Catholicism embraced this strange phenomenon called "guilt" to which I never took too kindly, but goddamn was it looser, more tolerant, and far less judgmental than mainstream American Protestantism. And compared to Secular Puritanism (aka, Progressivism), the few crumbs remaining of WASP culture taste like a bacchanalian orgy turkey stuffed with naked women, whiskey, homemade wine and tobacco smoke. I thank Jesus daily for the morsels of what's left.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Reply to Count Nothingface

I'm just re-posting my replies to several blogs I read for the hell of it. You can read his original post here

Monday, March 24, 2014

Anarchy = Hierarchy = Reality. Bitches

But what happens when the state means equality? Then, as "anarchist" Noam Chomsky will never tire of reminding us, we should accept the state for what it has achieved in the name of "social progress," "equality," "human rights," and blah-blah-blah-vote-Obama.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hungover Hate Speech

I partied my ass off yesterday for a good friend's birthday. The pleasant effects of alcohol and tobacco abuse can be sustained the following day, easing and delaying the inevitable hell of a hangover, by two noninvasive medical procedures: consuming more beer in moderates doses; or, the healthier option, practicing some or listening to the melodic rhythms of hate speech.

Thus, I present Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, ladies and germs. Happy Sunday Funday, everybody. And many happy returns. (Oh, and congrats to Venice for their vote of secession from Italy. The evil "neo-Confederates" are taking over the world!)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Land vs. Annisimov

Check this out!

Also see Nick Land's post here, and follow the comments.

Neoreaction--or The Dark Enlightenment--is finally breaking up. I'm in the corner with Land (and Moldbug). The Bumpkin Socialists (neo-fascists) just don't give a shit about social, personal or economic liberty. We all agree that political "liberty" realized through a system of government in the name of establishing universal, worldwide equality (aka, democracy) is the enemy, that "progress" is a metaphysical belief system and that the West is nothing but a corrupt, dying civilization that deserves everything that's coming to it.

But we Dark Libertarians, Neocameralists and Nietzschean Anarchists aren't getting along so well with the Trads, White Nationalists and Bumpkin Socialists in our rebel alliance against the United States Empire. Oh, well. It was fun!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

31 Flavors of Fascism, by Jim Goad

We're all about Fascism here at the offices of the Cantankerous Mustache. Hey, didn't Hitler wear a cantankerous mustache? That's cool. We applaud his efforts to strike fear into the hearts of German hipsters with his un-hip facial hair. (Are beards still fashionable to hipsters? When they aren't, I'll be sure to grow mine again.) Writing for Taki's MagazineJim Goad, rising literary outlaw and unapologetic slayer of pussified PC dragons, shines his critical beams of basic logic and clear thinking onto this mysterious dark rock we all like to hurl at each other: Fascism. Read Goad's original piece here. And enjoy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fascism & the Fall of Man

If you wanna learn about Newtonian physics the hard way, jump off the roof of your local skyscraper. The last sound you'll hear are the beautiful harmonies of gravity. Splat! Having an uncanny knack for practicing perpetual somnambulism, Americans have slept-walked their way to the roof of totalitarianism.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Viva La Difference!

The Alternative Right (aka The New Right) seems seriously confused over the values of liberty and individualism. Here, for example, is a recent post by a New Right blogger--"The Traditionalist"--who republished an argument by Roger Scruton against free trade. Alain De Benoist, a French thinker of the European New Right I immensely respect, makes similar arguments against free trade. (De Benoist, by the way, rejects the "New Right" label.) These thinkers make the mistake of confusing contemporary crony capitalism with authentic free trade, and then, ironically ( or unwittingly?), argue in defense of crony capitalism, that is, a system of trade regulated, taxed and controlled (to one degree or another) by the state in the name of protecting "the people".

Becoming Masters of the Universe

In the beginning, there was He-Man. My dearly departed mother, so she told me, used to enjoy reading Greek mythology when she was in high school. I wonder at times if our tastes and desires our passed down to us through genetic encoding. Whoever invented the world of that popular cartoon from the early 1980s, whose action-packed episodes would pull me to the television every morning with exponential gravitational strength, must have a read a little mythology himself of the ancient Greeks. And probably a little Nietzsche, too.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

America Is a Communist Country

This dude has read Moldbug. Hence the title. As I might have mentioned before, if you like Nietzsche, you'll love Moldbug, as we all do here at the offices of the Cantankerous Mustache. And if you're into experimenting with Moldbuggery, you'll trip out on this article. My experience in college as a PC-heretic was just as alienating (and illuminating) as Mr. Pell's was.

What's the ruling class gonna do, me wonders, when more and more dudes and chicks begin thinking like Mr. Pell and The Cantankerous Mustache, and less like your proud, all-American Republican clown? The difference between these two attitudes is the difference between conservatism and radicalism, moderation and extremism, compromise and uncompromising victory. In the end the US Empire and the Progressive religion which controls it, methinks, will rely upon the same tactics such forward-leaning types did in the 20th century in order to create a new, updated 21st century version of the New Jerusalem: mass murder for all non-believers. Chairman Mao's social monstrosity of mass murder only led the way for our contemporary Progressive visionaries.

The author's advice in light of our current Dark Age and the future? "Act accordingly." Now, what might that entail? Hmmm....

Enjoy the article!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

What Is the Dark Enlightenment?

As of today The Dark Enlightenment, it seems to me, is going to war with itself in a struggle to confirm a solid ideological identity, by deciding, for example, whether or not PUAs are allowed in, whether Mencius Moldbug is less important than Evola, if Patri Friedman should be allowed to consider himself part of the Dark Enlightenment, and how much it would like to embrace the value of personal or economic liberty. (It distances itself further and further away from liberty everyday). Divorce is always a shame, but sometimes inevitable. I discovered Moldbug's blog just last October, spent a month or two obsessing over finishing it, and then found various writers for Neoreaction shortly afterward. The Dark Enlightenment was born of the mysterious evil genius Moldbug and political philosopher Nick Land. If you like Nietzsche, you'll love Moldbug, who effectively authored an updated version of "The Geneology of Morals" in his Unqualified Reservations blog by explicating the puritanical, Christian fundamentalist roots of modern-day Progressivism, the West's mainstream, dominant (secular) religion.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Becoming the New (Happy) Barbarians! By Jack Donovan

I love this speech. Can't say I disagree with anything much in there except for when he says, "If you believe race is deeper than skin color, and means blood and heritage..." On the one hand, race probably is deeper than skin color, at least, that's what my Progressive professors in college always told me whenever they wished to discuss identity politics.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Since I'm on a Heidegger kick, I thought I would share another coherent essay on what ol' Marty meant by "being-in-the-world". This piece was written by Roy Hornsby, and you can find the original essay here. I always feel the need to republish little gems like this one due to the tenuous nature of the interwebs and humanity in general--you fickle horde of fools! Unfortunately, Mr. Hornsby's essay is formatted in such a way that I can't republish it here, so read it while you can online.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anarcho-Monarchism Rocks!

Jesus, Lord. Am I really getting into this thing called "Anarcho-Monarchism"? I suppose it makes sense that I am. If The Dark Enlightenment splinters into various philosophical factions--as was predicted by Nick Land--then I shall fall firmly through its cracks into the dark web of Anarcho-Monarchy. Restore his Royal Majesty, now! Occupy Your Local Tribe and Township, Now! End the Technocratic Rational-ocracy, Now! Restore Aristocratic Individualism and Organic Tradition, Now!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Understanding Heidegger & the Decline of the West

Heidegger remains an extraordinarily challenging thinker. Back in college, I focused on the other existentialist philosophers, especially Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky and Camus. Heidegger gave me the willies--all the talk of "dasien" and "being-in-the-world" and "present-at-hand" and "ready-to-hand" stuff--yikes! I even thought Wittgenstein's obscure, quasi-mystical terminology was less mystical, less obscure and more accessible than Heidegger's. Nevertheless, Heidegger probably stands firm as the most important philosopher of the 20th century (besides Wittgenstein), and I'm happy to grapple with his work and ideas to this day. Recently I discovered the following essay online regarding the political implications of Heidegger's philosophy. My one critique of it here is that, when Heidegger said "only a god can save us," he was not referring specifically to German society at the end of WW2, but of the Western world in general. (He said it in 1966.) And save us from what exactly? Well,  spiritual and artistic modernity, which entails decline, malaise, decadence, corruption and degeneracy. (I'm a fan of lots of forms of decadent art, by the way, but that's a topic for a different post.)

It's well known by most people today that he was an unapologetic proponent and member of the National Socialist German Worker's Party. Once a long time ago, for an English course far, far away, I presented a speech I wrote on existentialism and some of its influences on modern fiction and literature. After discussing Heidegger for several minutes at the end of my presentation, I asked for questions from the class, the first of which was posed by the English professor himself, who said, "Yeah, but Heidegger was just a Nazi, wasn't he?" This was a 600-level course. (How many professors would say of Karl Marx today, "Yeah, but he was just a commie, wasn't he?") And who insists that our Age of Decline doesn't have a sense of humor?! Anyhow, here's the essay below. Enjoy!  

Multiheaded Fascist Wants to "Cure" Us All

So, my question is this: who's the real fascist?

Monday, February 24, 2014

IMF Whoredom for the New Ukraine

Well, you can never get your hopes up too high, I suppose. Tonight's world news, before it's tomorrow morning's news in the US, claims that the Ukraine is calling for urgent Western Aid.

That's truly a shame. Why is this basic principle so difficult to grasp for so many people? From contemporary American Progressives who argue in defense of indefinite unemployment payments paid for with federal fiat money, to the new, traditionalists Right Sector revolutionary government in the Ukraine, no one seems to get this basic idea, one which follows both conceptual logic and has been confirmed with countless empirical observations of reality: true, authentic freedom entails independence. You can't have one without the other. Yo, all you Lincoln-worshipers out there: the black slaves in the South (and North) were slaves by the nature of their dependence upon their masters. Do you feel dependent on your nation-state today? Then you might be a slave. No monetary independence, no freedom. He who owns the gold makes the rules, as the cliche goes, a cliche always understood by those who own the gold, and apparently no one else, anywhere, ever.

Now we can say the same thing about the Ukrainians as they fall on their knees to suck off their new EU/NATO/UN/USA masters.  What did Stanley Kubrick once say about international power relations in the 20th century? I think it went something like this: "The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes." Yeee-up. Now the Ukraine can look forward to the International Monetary Fund pissing away millions of euros on their faces. A warm, golden shower of perpetual debt to the West probably looked too good to be true, didn't it? Meanwhile, let's all take bets on how long it takes for the World Health Organization to influence your laws and government. I'm betting one, maybe two months. You wouldn't wanna miss out on that warm, tasty yellow flow of free money, right?

Enjoy your freedom, slaves!

America Needs Its Own Right Sector

I'm not sure why I've been in such an extremely Right-wing-ish mood lately. Perhaps it's been my obsession with The Dark Enlightenment ever since I finished reading Moldbug's blog last November. Or, perhaps because I just completed The Portable Nietzsche, which I would highly recommend to any Nietzsche fan in need of a refresher on some of his best work. Or, maybe it's because there really are primordial, ancient Forces of Darkness that stream through the universe in search of natural, demonic allies in our eternal war against Heaven.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Yankee Problem In America, by Clyde Wilson

If you wanna understand America's--nay, the entire Western world's--fundamental problem, the insidious disease which afflicts it with such a relentless, demonic-like possession, then you have to understand the Yankee problem. Clyde Wilson's article republished below is a lovely footnote to Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals. Modernity's (shadow of) god, Progress, was born from the sweet, virginal holy womb of Massachusetts--the New Jerusalem of the Puritans, who gave cultural and political birth to the Yankees. Before their arrival to Massachusetts, the Puritans, our contemporary Progressives' ancestors, were slaughtering witches and other heretics with glee in Geneva during the religious dictatorship of John Calvin. That' right, you silly conservatives. Obama's ancestors weren't from Africa, but from Geneva! Well, his spiritual fathers were, anyhow. You'll get it after you read Clyde's article. (Or not.) Either way, I hope you enjoy it. And may all you fellow travelers on the road to Hell sin boldly this weekend!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Arizona Republic Bares Fascist Fangs at Libertarians

This is an interesting article by some shitty dude I met once long ago in my travels back and forth to Nogales back when I was in the midget, sex-slave trade business. Great business. Shitty dude. Still, when a shitty dude makes a decent point...

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Pop-Country Obsession (pt.2)

Well, we ended the last segment beginning this adventure into the bright, cheery world of manufactured country music with Lady Antebellum's "Compass"--the most hipster of wannabe hip, hip hipping popular country songs. (The video serves the song's purpose well in this category also. Did anyone find Pajama Boy in it yet! He's in there hopping around with overpriced, mandatory health insurance plans and a cup of hot chocolate. Trust me. ) Shall we continue our exploration into the clean-cut, predictable rhythms and synthetic aesthetics of current popular American country music? I know we shouldn't. But we shall.

Don't worry. I shall redeem that which you can't abide with your ears by explaining why popular country, like pop music in general, actually shouldn't be disrespected as much as it is around The States. The thing is, however, people in general respect pop-music to a certain degree, while pop-country is something to be scoffed at, even in pop-music circles. Pop music is popular in way which pop-country definitely is not. Moreover, there are socio-political reasons for why pop-music gets a pass but pop-country doesn't. Related to this point remains the sixty-year-old cold war that exists between Pop-Country (Nashville) and Outlaw Country (Honky Tonk)--in brief, the Outlaws understand what the aesthetic and political stakes are for becoming like Nashville, an industry of power and prestige that 1) doesn't care about dick besides reputation, status and money, and 2) seems completely ignorant of its own self-destructive tendencies in the pursuit of being fashionable, respectable and "well-intentioned". (If the political analogy isn't popping off the page yet, I'll just spell it out for y'all: Think the Republican Party versus us evil, radical, extremist, extremist extremists. Or, think suburbs vs. the sticks.)

Anyhow, let us commence with the festivities!

Up first for this round's list of wannabe hipster heavyweights, Eric Paslay's "Friday Night":

Next up: Cassadee Pope's "Wasting All These Tears":

Wasn't that the Gilmore Girls theme song from the '90s, or something? At least these country gals are smokin' hot females with far more than a slight trace of femininity to them. Isn't femininity a "social construct" created by racists, rapists and extremists? If so, then let's give those gents a hand for socially constructing some very, very attractive country girls. Thank you, fellas. Now, Number 3 is one po-dunk mother fucker who's in cahoots with a rather talented ghost writer (or several) for his material since he'll probably be gracing our charts a number of times. Wait, do these people write their own songs, or no? Ah, well, fuck it: Jason Aldean's "She Says Baby":

It's an honest question: does someone like Jason Aldean write his own stuff? Music or lyrics? This dude has a quite a number of hit singles. But why should we assume that Jason Aldean writes his own material anymore than Madonna or Lady Gaga does? And if his art is fabricated by a faceless suit, then how do we know for sure that his entire identity isn't as well?

Check these other songs out, and you tell me: Fourth up: Jason Aldean's "Night Train":

Fifth up: Jason Aldean's "Amarillo Sky":

Sixth up: Jason Aldean's "My Kinda Party":

Seventh up: Jason Aldean's "Take a Little Ride":

The same question can be (should be) asked of this dude--do you write your own shit, man?--Number 8: Luke Bryan's "Drunk On You":

Ninth up and ditto to this dude (and notice the extraordinarily forced hipster sound to this song and equally forced Black-Eyed-Peas ((BEP)) visual elements in the video): Jerrod Niemann's "Drink to That All Night":

How's that for country music, boys and girls! Are we starting to understand why the Outlaws would be absolutely disgusted with any association between themselves and their commercially successful BEP-influenced counterparts?

And then there are those, similar to the strain of Jason Aldean's aesthetic, who are attempting to ride the wave of commercial success while remaining true to their country roots (or some other metaphor I'll mix with another to compound the cliches). This dude even calls himself "new Outlaw," but the old Outlaws think it smells a bit too squeaky clean to reek of real Marlboro cigarettes.  In fact, the song performed below by this "new Outlaw" was written by another person, Rhett Atkins. It seems to me that the contemporary holy trinity (plus one) of mainstream country stars pretending to be authentic gritty mother fuckers includes Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Eric Church (whom we haven't played yet) and the last asshole of this round's country contest: lucky number 10: Blake Shelton! Here's his most well-know hit, and the one he uses to posture as a "new Outlaw" (hardy-har-har): "Kiss My Country Ass":

You gotta love the "fuck you" spirit in this song, but is it real? I'd say not. But why not? In our next installment, the offices of The Cantankerous Mustache will probe these questions deeper, like a country dog digging for a bone buried long ago by its dead master, and discuss the nature of these slick sons-a-bitches who make up the holy trinity (plus one) of commercial country by marketing a "new Outlaw" image to the masses: Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Blake Shelton...and Jason Aldean. Then we'll move onto new territory, and ask why David Allen Coe shouldn't beat the shit out of everyone of these mother fuckers.

Until then, Happy Complimentary Sex Following Lavish Dinner Day for all you couples out there!  I'm recently divorced (again) and heading up to The Vestige with one of my best friends since first grade and his old man to eat clams, play shit-faced golf, shoot guns and drink whiskey as we watch non-stop fireworks blast off over some lake in the high desert. Praise Jesus for rich Chinese corporations who've mastered the delicate art of using gun powder and pyro-technics well enough to make Blake Shelton piss his pants. Adios, amigos.

My Pop Country Obsession (pt.1)

Fuck punk rock. It's so 1977. Just kidding. But I am currently on a pop-country kick with all the delirium of a cocaine addict on a last night bender. Bump anyone?  Please, thank you. The trouble is, I'm totally in the dark as to how I got hooked on this evil, insidious drug. I swear!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Bloody Rag vs. Rand Paul

Can't say that this blogger is a big fan of Rand Paul. Sure, he has some libertarian credentials, had the balls to stand up to smug cunt extraordinaire Rachel Maddow and explain why the 1964 "Civil Rights" Act is evil, was the only Republican with the kohones to filibuster the Senate over the use of CIA drone strikes abroad (or at home), and now has the audacity to challenge our Progressive Dear Leader (gasp!) and his use of the NSA to spy on everyone, everywhere, all the time. (Or is it the NSA using our Dear Leader? One can never be too sure in this brave new world.) Now, the Bloody Rag, like most of its friends in high places, doesn't usually take too nicely to people who consistently challenge its official state dogmas about "progress" or any of the high priests who help carry out the holy mission of "progress".  And does the Bloody Rag like it when someone challenges Dear Leader more than once? You bet your sweet ass it doesn't. Hence the article below. I've republished it to spread it around the inter-webs, like a venerial disease, just in case the Rag decides to envelope this article in one of its many chastity paywall belts to guard it from evil-doers and extremists who would dare to penetrate its smutty existence without paying a dime to its pimp (or, for that matter, asking for permission).

Libertarians and extremists need not reply to the slander in this article for mainly three reasons: 1) Rand Paul is neither libertarian, proper, nor extremist; 2) His political successes, though perhaps honestly executed as noble libertarian causes at times, do not help but hurt our primary goal; 3) Why lower yourself to the propaganda standards of the Bloody Rag? (That's what I'm asking myself right now.)

A more interesting question: what would that ultimate goal mentioned above be for us evil-doers? A post-American Empire, post-EU, post-UN world, of course, a world without massive super states dominating the world, a world without The Cathedral. In short, we want the same thing Punk Rockers have always wanted: to tear down Western Civilization as it exists today. And in order do so, more and more people--not all, not even a majority, but more than what we have now--need to give up their faith in the dominant, mainstream religion of the West: "progress".  Thus, we can't have little Rand Paul politicians going around and giving hope to the populist masses--those with a libertarian, anarchistic or reactionary bent, at least--that somehow we can "Restore the Constitution," "Save the Republic," or "Reclaim America," can we now?

We need fear, doubt, hopelessness, anguish, misery, sorrow. Not hope! Dear God, that's the last thing we need. More people now more than ever need to give up hope on the American Dream, the American Experiment, the American Way of Life, if we ever expect them to see past silly metaphysical errors and mass delusions such as "progress". Therefore, what would be better than a Rand Paul win in 2016? Obviously, a Chris Christie win. But what would be even better than that? Go, go, Hilary!

So, spread the Rag around! Let's help sink this fat, bloated ship, America, before it sinks us.

And remember, word up for Hilary 2016, y'all!
(See the the Bloody Rag article below:)