Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why Hitler Won (Part 3).

(Continued from Part 2):

"Hitler's zest for the modern, his belief that humanity would become more reasonable when it had cast off the shackles of the past--olde-tyme handwriting, religion, and so forth--and embraced science and modern roads, was a belief shared with almost all forward-thinking people at the time, and it continues to be the underlying belief system of the liberal intelligentsia who control the West. His belief led directly to genocide and devastating war. At the same time, he believed himself to be enlightened and forward-thinking, non-smoking, vegetarian, opposed to hunting, in favor of abortion and euthanasia. 

"Have we asked ourselves the right questions about Hitler's 'normal' and 'ordinary' beliefs? By eliminating some of his more grotesque prejudices from our moral vocabulary, have we really cast off his legacy? Do not the politicians in today's Western world, when they wish to impose their values on some other nation or groups of peoples, still feel themselves entitled to employ war as the ultimate weapon? Far from having cast off Hitler's legacy, many of the world's politicians, and especially those who consider themselves more enlightened, are in fact his heirs. For that reason, we will perhaps always be compelled to think about his life--and the chilling fact that in all his world-outlook and his views, Hitler was an embodiment, albeit an exaggerated embodiment, of the beliefs of the average modern person. Moreover, in all the choreography of modern life, with our love of spectacularly large football stadia, pop festivals and open-air religious celebrations, are we quite sure that we are not displaying a collective, subconscious re-enactment for the Nuremberg Rallies? The modern Olympic Games, for example, are modeled on the Berlin Games of 1936. The Olympic torch was a Nazi invention..."

Wilson goes on to explain the Hegelian antithesis to the "Hitler was normal" theory by summarizing all the extraordinary qualities of the man. I don't think he was that extraordinary. I think human beings like to be ruled. They cherish their chains above anything else, especially when they're chaining the undesirables for the "greater good" of society. There's a very large market for suave politicians and leaders who will make everything good and right in every culture by chasing after the evil-doers abroad, or purging society of its "social ills" at home, and compelling everyone else to be a good sport, a team-player, to be a proud and patriotic member of the community. That's been the norm for tens of thousands of years for the human species. Hitler was one of many mediocre rulers--a typical mass-murderer--who simply expressed and fulfilled the wishes of the masses that worshipped everything he stood for: security, order, safety and health-by-force.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Hitler won the West. I would venture to claim at this point that the West, therefore, is our enemy, not our friend. Are you in despair because America and the West are in decline? I celebrate its total collapse. The West, in fact, is the current institutional power-house that has embodied and inherited the spiritual and political program of Der Fuhrer. So, do what you want with it. He won. We lost. Before denying it, before rejecting it as mere lunacy, I would suggest reading the rest of Wilson's book. And then, consider reading as much as you can on the social and political policies of Der Fuhrer. Start here. The more you read, the more you should ask yourself, "Do I really disagree with any of these social policies or government programs?" You may find yourself in agreement with Der Fuhrer more than you're openly willing to admit. In fact, I'm willing to bet that, if you're a proud, patriotic progressive, with some slight deviations regarding the supremacy of certain races or immigration policies, you probably agree with most of Der Fuhrer's vision.

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