Sunday, October 6, 2013

Elizabeth Warren Is Not an Anarchist

But she might be a fascist. Well, she claims here that "We Are Not a Country of Anarchists." Her article illustrates one of the many self-inflicted illnesses attacking the health of our god, the all-powerful, all-knowing democratic nation-state: a tiny number of people in the ruling class, people with immense, mind-boggling power, think they have the right to make proclamations of identity for over 316 million other individual human beings. In other words, Elizabeth Warren, you need to go speak for yourself, please, you spineless, rotten, scum-of-the-earth, blood-sucking vampire-cunt. Then, after you shut your mouth or promise to speak for yourself and yourself alone for the rest of your life, please help make a difference, help grow our economy, be a good public servant, give something back to your community, create a new shovel-ready job, dig a hole, jump in it, and lie there until you die.  

I suppose you could accuse me of engaging in the same logical laziness in which these assholes continue to partake: instead of replying to the reasons Congressional Republicans refuse to fund any budget that includes the immense stupidity known as Obamacare with arguments, Democrats attack their opponents with nasty names. Hence, all the evil Republicans in Congress are extremist, extremist, extremist. I'm getting kicks out of all the new, hip "anarchist!" slams now. Oh, and don't forget, libertarians are the new communists. Why not just claim at this point that anyone who disagrees with, or doesn't obey, the mandates of Dear Leader is a traitor and a terrorist?

Really, that's the only rhetorical card you all have left in your hand now. And in no way would I be surprised if you motherfuckers played it. Your fascist patron saints Woodrow Wilson and FDR had no trouble doubling down the oppression on dissenters and subversives. Time to round up the seditionists, everyone! We're all in this together.

But I would counter that accusation against me with this: I think we real anarchists can make a solid case justifying use of the word "fascist" against people like Warren, whereas they're just waving their totalitarian dicks in the air, jumping up and down, and strapping steel-booted words to their speeches with which to kick their political opponents in the balls. (And then to stamp on their faces--forever.)

As a proud radical extremist and anarchist, I can testify to the fact that Ted Cruz and the Tea Party Republicans are neither extremist in their tactics nor anarchistic in their political philosophy. The nature of extremity is relative to time and culture. For example: Elizabeth Warren is not extremely rare or unique as a member of the ruling class. She's your typical pig. So, as we can see, the word "extremist"--despite the standard hoo-ha hysterics by which it's used these days--doesn't say much of anything. Ghandi was an extremist. So was Joseph Stalin. So was Thomas Jefferson. So I am I. Etc.

Anyhow, in a way, I don't mind hearing the new partisan rhetoric escalate to double-super-duper-extremist levels. More people should exercise their minds by digging through a little history or philosophy on both anarchism and fascism. A linear political spectrum of anarchist to fascist makes a dick-load more sense than the contemporary "left-right" paradigm. Warren's crowd should fly their swastika-riddled Stars and Stripes high and proud when they crush us "extremists" with their SWAT-team tactics, like they did to this poor 29-year-old dude, Dread Pirate Roberts. This libertarian kid created and ran the Silk Road underground website through the Tor network, where illegals such as you and me could trade fun things we're not supposed to buy or sell anonymously. Had he shipped out to Russia with fellow freedom-fighter Edward Snowden, he would have had something of a future. Now, undoubtedly, Roberts will spend the better part of his life in prison, for a victimless crime. Oh, and now the NSA is cracking down hard on other users of Tor. If they suspect you of using Tor to protect your privacy, they can and will take total control of your computer as you're typing. Who knew our public servants could be so terrifyingly Orwellian. Elizabeth Warren should be proud.

God forbid more apocalyptic days pass with a federal government shutdown. It's political theatre at best. Really, the shutdown is a fucking joke. Luckily for me, I'm getting my kicks out of it for what it is. Too bad the NSA doesn't shut the fuck down forever. (But then, the shutdown in that case wouldn't be a joke, would it? It would be the biggest goddamn reason to party since 1776!) Unfortunately for us, the "shutdown," as it is, plays as a hearty gag on us for our fascist friends, Elizabeth Warren and co. Here's why: Park Rangers have been given orders "to be as difficult as possible" to us serfs. We're being punished, you see. We serfs voted (well, not me personally, but) for an opposition party in Congress to counter and check the overwhelming power of the executive branch. Bad serfs! Obama's branch also happens to be in total control of which bureaucratic police-state agencies will receive "essential" and "non-essential" status-funding during the "shutdown"--NOT the evil extremist, anarchist, terrorist Republicans in the House.

Poor Liz Warren. Your attempts to manipulate the public during the "shutdown" is so transparent that the Clintons look less opportunistic next to you. (Okay, you're right. In 2016, Hilary will probably use the shrill "anarchist" rhetoric when it's her time to shine again.) I admit, I love how all the cool people these days are incessantly barking "it's the fucking law!" because, you know, that's what determines right or wrong, good and evil: the rule of law. Don't believe Jon Stewart or any number of the anti-anarchist parrots in the mainstream media? Just ask Bull Conner, J. Edgar Hoover, or Joe Arpio. They're just trying to enforce the law, too! Goddamn it! Shit. But, as any good proponent of loose constructionism knows, our dear leaders and "public servants" should have the power to interpret the "rule of law" however the fuck they want to. Unwittingly proving a valid point to us true anarchists, our rulers reveal day after day that the "rule of law" and US Constitution don't mean dick. As loose constructionist extraordinaire Dick Nixon noted back in his prime, "When the president does it, it's not illegal." And how could any sensible statist disagree?

Ironically, this last case in point is a truism with which anarchists like me, fascists like Warren, and America's myriad policing agencies can all agree. Even the ACLU now claims the FBI's powers are so broad that it's no less a secret police unit than the KGB or the Gestapo. And former members of the East German Stasi agree as well: the current surveillance powers of the American Empire would have been a "dream come true" in the totalitarian days of yore. And right here's a sturdy place to sum up my justification for the use of "fascist" in describing people like Liz Warren: because Liz Warren wants nothing less, and stands for nothing less, than power. Pure, undiluted, absolute and total power. But, again, she's not an extremist. And she's certainly made clear that she ain't no anarchist. She's your typical power-hungry pig. Likewise, two of her "esteemed colleagues" recently joked about murdering libertarian whistle-blower Edward Snowden by suggesting that he should be on Obama's Kill List.

Glenn Greenwald then tweeted that they were "psychotic" to endorse murder with such light-hearted candor. Greenwald's wrong. They're not crazy or psychotic lunes. They never are. They never have been. Hitler, Adolf Eichmann and the rest were and are completely sane. They're not Demon-Kings. They're normal. They're bipartisan. They're rational, reasonable, sensible and, usually, very amiable people. (They're not elected or adorned by the masses for no reason, kids.) This malignant social tumor we call the political process reveals how the banality of evil spreads everywhere undiagnosed until it's too late. Liz Warren is just one of many normal, average members of the ruling class who sincerely believes she's doing her duty for her god and her country (the state). 
As she argues in her article: "We are alive, we are healthier, we are stronger because of government. Alive, healthier, stronger because of what we did together." Sounds eerily similar to "Strength Through Unity. Unity Through Faith," no?  Such faith refers to the faith we should have in the supreme wisdom and power of our Empire's benevolent rulers. Certainly Lizzy believes herself to be a proud, patriotic progressive who "puts the country before self." Moreover, I'm sure Warren would agree with her political predecessors that in order to pull together to end the government "shutdown," we must all put "the collective need ahead of individual greed." Indeed, none of us should doubt her whole-hearted sincerity when she insists that she is NOT an extremist or an anarchist.

Which is precisely why more Americans should be.

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