Sunday, October 6, 2013

Elizabeth Warren Is Not an Anarchist

But she might be a fascist. Well, she claims here that "We Are Not a Country of Anarchists." Her article illustrates one of the many self-inflicted illnesses attacking the health of our god, the all-powerful, all-knowing democratic nation-state: a tiny number of people in the ruling class, people with immense, mind-boggling power, think they have the right to make proclamations of identity for over 316 million other individual human beings. In other words, Elizabeth Warren, you need to go speak for yourself, please, you spineless, rotten, scum-of-the-earth, blood-sucking vampire-cunt. Then, after you shut your mouth or promise to speak for yourself and yourself alone for the rest of your life, please help make a difference, help grow our economy, be a good public servant, give something back to your community, create a new shovel-ready job, dig a hole, jump in it, and lie there until you die.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why Hitler Won (Part 3).

(Continued from Part 2):

Why Hitler Won (part 2).

Continued from Part 1:

Why Hitler Won (part.1)

If one wishes to understand the nature of freedom, aside from searching inward to the wild yearnings of your own soul, I would suggest attempting to understand the nature of imprisonment. Totalitarian societies have fascinated me since I grew enough hair on my balls to understand that most human beings throughout history to this day have cherished their own chains more than anything else in life. Since I was a teenager, I've dreamed of traveling to those places most culturally and legally prohibited in the US: Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Russia and Saudi Arabia, not so much to see how, precisely, they wallow in the mud of their own authoritarian social realities, but to confirm my suspicion that the shades of their various socio-political-economic systems merely reflect a degree or two of muddy difference from our own institutional shit-holes.