Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eric Liu & Nick Hanauer Are the New Fascists (part 2)

We left off with a masterful musical stunt by the Dead Boys and a lingering thought that pests us like a wasp, stabbing us in our waking sleep, outside by the pool. With our eyes closed, catching some rays of sunlight as the summer draws to a close (if you live in the southwest, summer can last till the middle of October) calm and pleasant reveries of joy begin to fade, being displaced by the distinct pangs of something so close, yet, so out of view, and seemingly so far away: the nightmare sting of reality.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eric Liu & Nick Hanauer Are the New Fascists (part.1)

So, this here is bullshit. Surprising? Not at all. I've been arguing for a long while now the exact same point: in time, libertarians will be everyone's favorite new evil-doers. Bill O'Reilly and Rachel Maddow will agree that, hey, we all have our political differences, but we're all Americans, well, except anti-American Americans, and which Americans are more anti-American than the libertarians? So, we can all agree that the anti-American Americans are a serious threat to our neo-Victorian polite society of PC puritanism and, in fact, a very serious danger to western civilization itself! And that's the memo for the day. Back to you, Rachel. Thanks for that insightful commentary, Bill.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Computer Hackers, Unite!

Hi! After a much-needed vacation from reality, I'm back! Now I'm cleaning house. I should have posted this article a year ago, when I first read it. Sometimes, as many a lazy-ass blogger will tell you, you create drafts of posts that you kick to the dark corner of your amnesia closet, only to discover these buried treasures a year later as you dig through the same closet searching for cigarettes, condoms or socks. And thus, here we are.

Many hackers are libertarians and anarchists. At least, they should be. And anarchist libertarians should become hackers. Think Julian Assange. Think Anonymous. Think Wired magazine. Think, you know, dorks in the '90s who understood the message of The Matrix while fantasizing about Carrie-Ann Moss' ass in black leather. The open-source movement, the anti-copyright/intellectual property movement, cypherpunks and the liberty movement share so many interweaving ideals and goals, that it's silly not to combine our super-powers together to fight the evil, tyrannical Lex Luther-wannabe mother-fuckers around the world who work for the most powerful institutions on earth--Nation-States. So, whenever you read shit like this below, stories about governments arresting hackers and anti-authoritarians, such as the creators of Pirate Bay, say a prayer and stand in solidarity with them against the wicked Statist sons-a-bitches who persecute them.

Imagine a million IRS "criminal" files zapped out of existence forever. Imagine the entire NSA data-base wiped out with the quick touch of your fingers typing code. Press ENTER. And, gone, forever. Imagine scrambling the online identities of every cop, every prosecuting attorney, every politician who wants to fuck with us: their bank accounts, their tax records, their social security numbers, their health records, their online browsing history. Imagine making some of these records known to the public. All of these tools can be, should be, and will be ours. This is the future of our small-but-growing resistance movement. It's nonviolent, and yet breeds chaos. It doesn't, in all reality, hurt anyone. But it sure will fuck with them. Bad. Let's give the NSA a taste of its own medicine. Hacking is the way of the future. So, you know, hackers unite! (and all that jazz.) Word.

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