Thursday, May 2, 2013

Perlstein's Propaganda +TV = Rachel Maddow

Take Rick Perlstein's attempt to write an argument, chop off its nuts, throw it on MSNBC, and you'll glimpse America's stylistic variant of Orwell's Two Minutes of Hate. 

At least Rick Perlstein can write (sort of). But here's a prime example of televised propaganda equivalent to his article "Why Conservatives Are Still Crazy After All These Years." Presented to us by youtube, we behold the incessant showers of elitism from that gorgeous fountain of smug incarnate, Rachel Maddow. 

The enemies include Ron Paul, Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. Of course, all of them are crazy and irrational. Ron Paul is "overtly racist" (the PC Theocracy's oh-so-hip way of calling out a heretic to be burned at the political stake). And yet all the enemies are savvy and scheming enough to make lots of dough at doing what they do. "They all have a good racket going," she claims. 

(The high priestess Rachel Maddow, on the other hand, never earns a dollar for her work on MSNBC...Or, she doesn't really believe anything she says. Wait. Which is it?)

 The snide allegations and accusations Maddow hurls out in this 8- minute, 15-sec clip only prove that these people (Maddow, her fellow acolytes and their disciples) have no interest in discussing ideas, philosophy, economics, history or politics. 

Their interests lie in destroying their enemies--anyone who dares to question the validity of their precious "democracy," the American Empire.

They're not even interested in the news itself. Maddow has no interest in investigating whether FBI agent provocateurs were involved with the Boston bombing. (Oddly, my curiosity in that topic led to my discovery of Perlstein's name.) Whether there was a "controlled explosion" planned on the day of the Boston Bombing by the Boston PD and DHS. If, by chance, the CIA or DHS or FBI knew who the Tsarnaev brothers were--for years--prior to the bombing, as their mother claims. Maddow doesn't care to investigate into any possible reasons as to why DHS has purchased 1.6 Billion rounds of hollow point ammo. (Note to ignorant gun prohibitionists: hollow points are NOT used for target practice.) She doesn't consider it worth her time to investigate what a "false flag" might mean in relation to the Boston Bombing because a respectable US President would never, ever knowingly lead the country into a illegitimate decade-long war under false pretenses and shoddy evidence. 

(Well, ALMOST no president, with the exception of that idiot cowboy dictator from Texas...LBJ. And his Gulf of Tonkin Incident.) 

Nope. And if you reveal the slightest interest in these topics, well, as Perlstein and Maddow remind us, you're just a conspiracy theory-obsessed "wingnut," "extremist" "racist" "crazy" "lunatic". Ad hominem. Ad infinitum. 

And fuck you too. 

(Really, what else can you say to the school-recess bullies who think calling you names amounts to anything?)

The manipulation is so transparent, like a teenager's first pool-hall hustle, you almost want to buy these kids a beer just for trying. 

I know I need one now. Enjoy the Two Minutes of Hate. Cheers!

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