Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday, Waco Massacre!

Not sure. But I recall being a 5th grade twat twiddling my thumbs in the great southwest catching rattlesnakes and building desert forts when this disaster cracked and fizzled on our bloated 80s-era television. Of course, I didn't know what to think. My mother wasn't stunned. Dad never mentioned anything of it. And my stepfather said, "Well, Little Dale, these people were fucking nuts." 

20 years later I'm still wondering, okay, let's say they were; but then, do all nutty folks deserve to be gassed, shot, and burnt alive? In a word, slaughtered? What could any patriotic American reply but, "Fuck, yeah, home-splice! This is the land of freedom, nigga. Can you dig it?"

And, so this is how it came to pass that the Waco Massacre was my first impression, not only of our brave men and women in uniform working for Law Enforcement, but of the American Justice system itself, at work! Because, of course, when due process is exchanged for a fervent tap-tap-tap of high-capacity ammo shelled out with machine guns, or the edifying effects of CS gas, or just your run-of-the-mill method of burning children alive, Law Enforcement transubstantiates itself into Justice itself! And it's all done through the divine will of selfless public servants like Janet Reno and Bill Clinton. Ain't it a miracle!  

It's 20 years and two presidential administrations later, and I'm happy to say, it's nice to see that some things never change.  American Justice is as valiant, trigger-happy and genocidal as ever. Why dismiss it like my parents did when we can bask in its blood-thirsty glory? 

Now that the president has declared the right to kill any American he wants through executive order, we all have a chance to partake in that beautiful sacrificial ritual, to give ourselves to a higher purpose and calling, to become absolved, nailed to a cross, justified and redeemed by Eric Holder's definition of "due process"--to die by the capricious hands of our all-powerful, all-knowing God, the State. 

Happy 20th Birthday, Waco Massacre! Where would we be without you today? 


(If you're younger than I, and you're interested in more info about Waco's miraculous conception and birth, please check out Anthony Gregory, who's giving away party hats and blowing out birthday candles for Waco's Big 20. He's also written one article every April 19th, on Waco's birthday, for the last ten years.)

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