Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Veterans Day Song Ever!

I didn't do shit for Veterans Day this year. Actually, I discovered a wonderful smoke-easy in a small town of my southwestern territory, partied with some local degenerates, made a spiritual connection with a hawk that flew by my face, took some photos of wild black bears, learned how to speak the tongue of the mountain white wolves, climbed a steep, icy crag covered with snow to 10,000 feet in four-wheel-drive, and ate enough free breakfast sausage (still drunk or hungover) to fill the astronomical void of your average vegan's sense of humor.

But that's just because I had a three-day weekend. I didn't do these things in celebration of Veterans Day, which, to me, seems only like another mindless occasion or excuse to celebrate American imperialism and its cult of war with flag-waving and a false sense of gratitude to the bureaucratic stupidity we call the American military, a gratitude marked by an acute case of self-deception and an oddly smug self-flattery. (As if saying "thank you" were some sort of super hero accomplishment in itself, analogous to finding a cure for AIDS or drinking and driving five nights in a row without getting busted.) 

American vets are suffering for nothing. They are dying for nothing. Those dead kids will not come back to life. They cannot hear your multitudinous cheers of 'thanks'. They are dead. Those who were lucky enough to escape alive will suffer from gruesome physical or psychological scars for the rest of their lives. 

Vets deserve our sympathy and love for their needless suffering. Many of them are (or were) kids duped by a mythology pushed by the US nation-state that claims "Freedom isn't free!" In other words, for the rest of us to enjoy our "freedom," copious amounts of young American blood must be spilled, and then some (the blood of countless innocents and "enemies" abroad.) Thus, these lost lives serve as a perpetual sacrificial rite, a holy mass of immense violence, to appease the inner blood-thirsty gods ruling the hearts of, in my opinion, far too many American people.

It's a fairly disgusting logic, and one not too far removed from the ancient Mayan rituals of mass human sacrifices. Whether or not we're really "free" is somewhat besides the point. (We're not.) If Veterans Day promotes the "Freedom isn't free!" dogma to serve the interest of the US Empire on a cultural level, and if we truly love our vets and want them home safely and immediately (like, tomorrow) from the illegal misadventures directed by a utterly corrupt priesthood in Washington DC, then we should simply ignore Veterans Day the same way an atheist ignores church on Sunday. 

Or, prove that freedom is free by partying your ass off as if it were any other weekend. Millions of young Americans need not shed the blood of others abroad for me to smoke a cigarette in a bar or to write an offensive blog post (only one of these activities still considered legal in the "land of the free").  Just to be charitable, I'll say that, perhaps, well-meaning Americans believe that freedom carries such a daunting, brutal price because they want to justify the deaths of their own children. 

They shouldn't. Such justifications are mere lies, petty untruths we tell ourselves to avoid reality, and they only serve the popular validation of ulterior motives and intentions of people who could give two shits about the death toll so long as they are re-elected to power every other year or so. 

And true sycophants among the American populace should be avoided altogether. Political holidays like Veterans Day make it harder to do so. Again, my advice: find a smokey bar after a long hike or drive in the woods, a bar that exercises its own freedom by violating as many laws as possible. Bury yourself in there for a good five hours and buy several shots of cheap whiskey with the perverts, drunks and degenerates. 

And if one of those drunks just happens to be a vet, tell him you're glad he's still alive, buy him a shot, light his cigarette. For some of us, that's thanks enough. 

Now, here's the best Veterans Day punk rock song ever written. (It could also be used for Memorial Day or any other political holidays meant to normalize and celebrate the perpetual "War on Terror". But it's addressed directly to the vets, which makes it unique, I think, to Veterans Day. Thank you, Anti-flag.)


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