Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Lesbian I Love Dearly

Besides my own grandmother. 

I came about this video and found this cool chick, oddly enough, doing research on the growth of the Nanny State (or what some now refer to as the "Bully State") and WHO (the UN World Health Organization). 

Anyhow, although the world-wide Nanny/Bully State (let's just say totalitarianism) is an interesting subject, she covers it in depth in the video, which is over an hour long, but certainly worth watching. What immediately peaked my interest in this particular video is the fact that Rosa Koire is a self-described "liberal, feminist, queer, proud lesbian Democrat". She also happens to be speaking at a Tea Party conference. (And she's appeared a couple times on Glenn Beck's show.) 

We desperately need a new political paradigm beyond the conventional "left-vs.-right" nonsense preached to us by the mainstream media. For me personally, the contemporary "left-right" thing never made much sense in the first place. It never did, it never has, and it never will. Even when I discovered a political ideology I found appealing ("classical liberalism") as a young teenage hooligan many years ago, I couldn't understand why "contemporary liberalism" (as it's sometimes called) seemingly worshipped the hierarchical order and authority of the government, while claiming to be "against the system". Likewise, why do so-called "patriots" wave American flags, celebrate extremely stupid (and unconstitutional) military adventures abroad, worship the police, and then claim to hate their government? 

There are many of us who, from the time we were very young, don't quite fit in with the current "left-right" spectrum. 

The answer as to how the West adopted this failing "left-right" scale involves an extraordinarily complex story that covers at least 200 years of Western history to explain why we (in America especially) have politicized our language and culture in such an upside-down, black-is-white way. Anarchist historian, economist and philosopher Murray Rothbard provides a fairly decent account as to how it happened. But it still seems as though we remain perpetually stuck in this absurd comedy we call "the Left-Right" pendulum of political thought. 

Until very recently. 

Like the growing Secessionist Movement, Ms. Koire may be in fact shifting the paradigm.  I think that, those of us who find ourselves on the opposite side of the established order and institutionalized authority--whomever that may entail--deserve a new name or categorization. Likewise, so do our enemies, who wish to "socialize" us to their dear wishes, who will force us to conform to their every desire legislating how a "perfect" human being should behave. Who want nothing less than to demoralize and, eventually, wipe us out. 

I like to think of myself as a authentic liberal. But I hesitate to tell other people that in fear that they'll confuse me with those psychotic masses who adore totalitarianism. Really, how can one simultaneously claim to be a "tolerant liberal" and then support smoking bans, firearms prohibition (which is, by the way, a "a social issue"), the war on drugs (oh, except for pot, of course, because NPR said it's cool), DUI laws, minimum alcohol prices, and sin taxes on tobacco, beer, sugar, Happy Meals, red meat, and anything else that damn well offends them? 

Is that "tolerance"? Is that "liberal"? Any reasonable human being with a dictionary and an open mind could see that such labels abused like that exemplify nothing less than Orwellian Newspeak. Which is to say, the people who abuse and politize language like this have one goal: to control how you think. Those who can't think for themselves are so much easier to control, you see. Soon, 1 + 1 will equal 3.  Just because they say so. 

I would like to reclaim "liberal" and use it correctly. But aside from using the English language correctly and, thus, honestly, we might need an entirely new vocabulary of our own to combat the Newspeak of manipulation and control. Rather than Left vs. Right, why not the Lows vs. the Highs? The Low Class vs. the High Class. (Outsiders versus Insiders? The Loose Lovers vs. the Tight Fisters?) We are the bottom-feeders. The Lowly ones. The dirty animals of the spiritual wilderness. The Wild ones. The loose, free-wheeling bar bitches and artsy-fart-freaks who smell funny and say stupid things. The free spirits unconstrained by law, custom or convention. The evil, sinful, selfish, seedy, rebellious, fiery, cum-stained, filthy, rotton, scum-of-the-earth Punk Rock reprobates. We wish only to live our lives freely, creatively and peacefully. Not to rule nor be ruled by anyone but ourselves. And we ask for nothing than to be left alone.

Let the Preachers, the Politicians, the Puritans and the intolerant sycophants who follow them and empower them be the tight-fisted Highs. The Ruling High Class of Hubris. Of anal-retentive elitists, oppressors, and regal brutality. They are our Masters who rule not only with a tightly-clenched fist, but an iron one, after all.  They also happen to sit in very high places of power. 

Philosopher Thomas Kuhn understood that scientific revolutions         and the new orders they create are incommensurable with the conceptual models or structures of prior scientific paradigms. The Copernican Revolution is incommensurable with Aristotle's Theory of Motion for the same reason that Einstein's Relativity doesn't quite mesh well with (though it makes use of) Newtonian Physics. 

I think the same principles can apply to political structures and concepts. Thus, I can't really say at this point who "we" are or whom "we" consist of at this point. But recent social phenomena such as the Tea Party, the Occupy Movement, the Ron Paul Movement, Anonymous, Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Pirate Bay, I believe, might point us in a new direction. They point to new perceptual ways of structuring our political and cultural worlds. And such roads reveal a radical, revolutionary direction at that. 

Ms. "proud lesbian, queer, liberal Democrat" Rosa Koire is helping push this perceptual revolution as well. She is certainly a fellow free-loving Lowly person. And I love her with all my heart for it.

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