Wednesday, October 24, 2012

UK + NYC = One Great Cause to Riot!

Here's a great video illustrating why I will never, ever visit NYC again in my life. And why I hope more of its citizens decide to leave Mayor Bloomberg's tiny island of totalitarianism for good, or they decide to start resisting by any means necessary. Big Brother Bloom belongs in prison. 'Nough said about him. But aside from that jack-ass, how did one of the greatest cities in the world devolve into such a shit-hole?  For those cretins who support the nanny-state's war on freedom (i.e., smoking, drugs, sex, etc.), I would suggest that you look in the mirror.  Word of caution for the sensitive: there's a lot of offensive and vulgar language in the below video, thanks to the cops. 

A shout out goes to the brave anonymous few--the very rare, exceptional few--cops who decided to speak out against the tyranny in NYC. They explain the existing problem of police corruption in terms used typically by those crazy libertarian-types. That is, it's a problem related to the concentration of power and the incentives ingrained within the hierarchy of the political-police system itself.  

Nevertheless, it seems as though the UK's police state is always one step ahead of NYC and USA. See this article here on the "free world's" brave new thought police, by Reason Magazine's Brendan O'Neil. 

The best line from the article: I guess we should just be grateful that The Clash were never banged up for likewise giving voice to riot fantasies in their 1977 hit “White Riot”: “I wanna riot, a riot of my own.”

Quite right. I fully expect the UK's speech law policies, like NYC's Stop & Frisk policy, to become the norm throughout America in the coming decade. Small town folk who think they're immune from such politically correct authoritarianism should consider how fast anti-smoking laws, seat-belt laws, DUI laws and traffic cameras magically whipped themselves into existence from sea to shining sea in the last 15-20 years. And no one thought those petty tyrannies would really ever become "the norm" either when they were being proposed by the hysterical, power-hungry puritans who advocate such laws.  

Young punk rockers understood the sordid political and economic realities that made their world back in the early '70s.  They understood the facts of the situation--that their so-called "leaders" and their "democracy" or "constitutional republic" (or what have you), failed them, betrayed them, lied to them, and treated them as if they were the enemy. 

In response, and in rebellion, they created a cultural riot called punk rock. And the rest of the world has been a better place ever since. 

We face similar realities today. The math isn't hard, and the numbers are easy to read. The cause of those victims persecuted for victimless "speech" crimes in the UK is the same cause as those victims persecuted for "looking suspicious" in NYC. (In all reality, the NYC law only openly codifies what cops can get away with--and do!--anywhere in America.) 

Their cause is our own. And we should stand in solidarity with those victims of UK speech laws against their government in the hope and faith that they stand with us against our own "homeland" Empire. 

The people of the UK and the US have every reason to be pissed. We have every reason to start a riot. Above I've listed only two. But those two reasons are more than enough to justify one unified riot for the sake of solidarity. 

Who's going to start it? Hopefully someone does soon. 

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