Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween, Witches!

Heading to the southland (of my territory) to celebrate my favorite holiday this weekend. Halloween is the holiest of all holy days for goths, punks, misfits, witches, ghouls and hooligans. 

It's time to smash pumpkins. Bring out your skeletons and let your inner freak hang wide out. 

It's Halloween, baby. Considering it falls on a Wednesday this year, I'm gonna ride this bitch out through next weekend as well. 

The holy season starts tonight!  What sort of human sacrifices are we going to make? Who will star as our naked virgin whom we'll violate and molest as she sleeps before we suck her blood and offer her flesh on the Devil's altar? 

Make your virgin sacrifice, my fellow vamps and creatures of the night!  We only receive this gift once a year from our deceased ancestors, our brethren of the occult, our undead spirits who pass the torch of evil to us on a flaming broomstick, primed for flight and prepared for whatever disasters we can sprinkle upon the heads of society's civilized angels.  

Bring out your dead!  Unleash your inner demons! And rise from the grave of domesticity. Open your caskets and spook the children, terrify your neighbors. 

Growl. Bare your fangs. Evolve into the monster, the animal and beast you know you really are. The Cramps could do it. So can you.  

Here's one of the best Halloween punk songs ever written by the Cramps. I was a teenage werewolf.  I raise my glass of blood to a gruesome and frightening week of witchcraft, licentiousness and doing the Devil's work! 


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