Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The CIA, Free Speech Zones & Why Libertarians Will Determine the 2012 Election.

The news cycle these last couple of days has throttled my perpetual pessimistic outlook of the human race in general, and America specifically, which, I suppose, can be a good thing every now and then.

It seems as though Italy's high court has upheld the sentences of 23 CIA operatives convicted of kidnapping an Italian Muslim cleric back in '03, in the name of the US's "Extraordinary Rendition" program, who was subsequently tortured for four years after being snatched on the streets of Milan.

It's one thing when a third-world country, like Ecuador, flips one back to the Empire by granting political asylum to the one man on earth, Julian Assange, who embarrassed the American government on a global level through his online network of decentralized, anonymous whistle-blowing that revealed a gruesome wealth of American war crimes.

It's quite another when a first-world European country spars its own pole of nation-state "justice" against the Empire's.  (Despite the CIA's most likely guilt in this heinous matter, can any human being be tried and convicted fairly"in absentia"?)

Score one for the Italianos! As America continues to slice its own wrists, will the rest of the world slowly begin to ignore or flout the dictates of the Empire? As America digs one blade against the skin of civil liberties and another against economic freedom, will other nation-states finally say, "We've had enough. Kill yourself if you want to. We choose not to help you along the way. Your indefinite detentions abroad and at home spurt blood across the floor of the world, and your indefinite quantitative easing will surely drown you in red. Your suicide is insanity, and we want nothing to do with it!"

But I am also reminded by the news that America's nightmare vision of a "safe and secure" world always starts at home, as the NYPD reignited its campaign last week to crack skulls and arrest Occupy protestors for not being "real" journalists or for exercising their freedom of speech outside the sanctioned perimeters of NYC's Dear Leader Bloomberg.

Finally, both of these stories illustrate why Ron Paul sympathizers should absolutely reject any consideration for voting in November. And conservative-leaning Paul supporters should especially askew the temptation of voting for Romney. The Republican Party establishment did nothing but spit in the face of Ron Paul, his ideas and his supporters during his 2012 campaign. Now these Republican hacks are on their knees, feigning a heart-felt desire to suck our libertarian dicks, if we throw our support to their empty suit from Utah.

It's not going to happen. They are going to lose. And Obama, no doubt, will be reelected for another 4years. The mainstream Republican Party, and I would argue by extension mainstream America, is in total denial about the insidious nature of their own government, at home and abroad, at the local, federal and international level. They believe the Occupy protesters "get what they deserve" for the same reason they believe the American government should bomb Iran into another Middle Eastern hell. They see "freedom" where we--anarchists, deviants and free spirits--see slavery. They see "stars and stripes" and we see prison bars painted red with the blood of slaves who built them. Just like Obama, the Republican Establishment would and will do nothing to serve justice to the 23 CIA agents who kidnapped and tortured an innocent Italian man. They care as much for justice as they do for liberty, a word they toss around like an old man with his ravaged whore.

But the mainstream GOP can go ahead and suck our dicks if they want to. Aside from busting our load in the face of that worthless fat elephant, we promise nothing in return.

And that's called blowback, bitches.

Thus, my perpetual pessimism has been suspended for a day by this beautiful irony: it will be us--the loathsome misfits of the political underground--we who truly adore liberty, who will decide this election.

And the Republican Establishment, like the rest of America, is not only going to get the President and form of government they truly wanted, but the one that they deserve.

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