Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The CIA, Free Speech Zones & Why Libertarians Will Determine the 2012 Election.

The news cycle these last couple of days has throttled my perpetual pessimistic outlook of the human race in general, and America specifically, which, I suppose, can be a good thing every now and then.

It seems as though Italy's high court has upheld the sentences of 23 CIA operatives convicted of kidnapping an Italian Muslim cleric back in '03, in the name of the US's "Extraordinary Rendition" program, who was subsequently tortured for four years after being snatched on the streets of Milan.

It's one thing when a third-world country, like Ecuador, flips one back to the Empire by granting political asylum to the one man on earth, Julian Assange, who embarrassed the American government on a global level through his online network of decentralized, anonymous whistle-blowing that revealed a gruesome wealth of American war crimes.

It's quite another when a first-world European country spars its own pole of nation-state "justice" against the Empire's.  (Despite the CIA's most likely guilt in this heinous matter, can any human being be tried and convicted fairly"in absentia"?)

Score one for the Italianos! As America continues to slice its own wrists, will the rest of the world slowly begin to ignore or flout the dictates of the Empire? As America digs one blade against the skin of civil liberties and another against economic freedom, will other nation-states finally say, "We've had enough. Kill yourself if you want to. We choose not to help you along the way. Your indefinite detentions abroad and at home spurt blood across the floor of the world, and your indefinite quantitative easing will surely drown you in red. Your suicide is insanity, and we want nothing to do with it!"

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Gruesome & Accurate Art of War

Then there's this gem I found on the internet. This seems to me like a perfect example of the power of pop-art that's carries much more cultural, historical and political significance than what Americans are accustomed to (Dancing with the Stars, Katie Perry's music, Russell Brand's latest blow job, etc.).

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama's Hard-On for Indefinite Detention & Why They Can't Leave Us Alone

Good news: I just read yesterday a court ruled that the NDAA is bogus--you know, that one law that takes us all on a great legislative time machine ride back to pre-Magna Carta days, thereby making the Patriot Act look like a grand piece of legislation in comparison. (It's not, but Obama has renewed that law three times now as well since he's been in office.) 
Bad News: I then read that Obama's team immediately appealed the ruling which declared that indefinite detention of Americans is illegal and unconstitutional. Which means it will probably end up at the Supreme Court. Which also means it will (my guess being) probably be held up as constitutional in a vote by the Supremes. 
When politicians, presidents, judges, dear leaders and what-have-you write and enforce laws such as the Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act, they are essentially saying to the rest of us, "You are our enemies, and we will kill you if we must."
I say it's time to strike back hard at our enemies. But that's not a new sentiment for me. Back in high school--actually, grade school--I used to wonder why authoritarians could never be content with all the control they had in the first place. They always, always wanted more power and (as the cliche goes) "would stop at nothing to get it." As I got older, I began to understand why. So, I'm not surprised (too much) anymore when I read that Obama (or whoever the next President might be) will stop at nothing for unlimited executive power.  I am still surprised and saddened when I hear his fanatical devotees apologize for him by explaining away his behavior. "But he had to sign the bill into law!  Reluctantly!  The Republicans made him do it!" Yeah, right. And my big fat balls don't stink like monkey dung after a good long hike or bike ride in the mountains. 
Other people, perhaps more innocent than I, are still surprised by the daily onslaught of bad news regarding the growth of authoritarianism. For me, Obama's action to pursue Indefinite Detention speaks for itself. The author below, Eric Peters, calls American authoritarians "clovers" in honor of one persistent fellow (self-named "Clover") who makes asinine posts on Peter's comment page. As stated above, my personal belief in resistance isn't new, but for many Americans (or human beings in general) it's a frightening proposition. First, you have to free your mind of everything you've been taught about the "land of the free" since kindergarten. Then, acknowledge reality: you are a slave. Lastly, ask yourself what you honestly think you can do about it. (And I'm open to all suggestions the imagination can spark at this point--the brighter the flame of creativity, the better.)
But before weaving your mind through those tough questions, you might at first feel compelled to ask yourself a different question, a question that naturally strikes at our hearts and minds since childhood, that awakens, terrifies and enthralls us with both perplexity and the fire of awareness. Eric Peters writes a super article below explaining the psychology of people like Obama and the sheep who worship him by addressing that same question I asked myself in grade school: Why the fuck can't they just leave us alone?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"American Punk's Unheralded Impact" & Some Dead Kennedys

It's nice to read an article like this one in the MSM every now and then.  Art, politics and American Punk Rock. "Yet as Ai Weiwei and Pussy Riot have demonstrated, the art of individuals can also shame entire states."



Monday, September 17, 2012

It Really Is Us Against Them

I didn't bother wasting my time watching either Democrat or Republican conventions this year. But this poster is spot on. Out of fairness to Bubba, Romney is no different or better. The Republican Party certainly wants no separation of business and the state. Then again, as Clinton and his party of corporate bail-outs prove, neither do Democrats.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Own Property? Welcome to Slavery.

I've seen several of these billboards posted along the interstate and down some of the main commercial streets in my homie's neighborhood in the Southwest. I visited him recently for his 21st birthday. He's an illegal alien, which is how we became friends.

(When we met at an underground strip club several years back, I admitted to him that I, too, shared something of an alien disposition among the mundane day-walkers of conventional society, with a legal status dependent upon no one's judgment but my own. He liked that. And I liked the several hundred dollars worth of blow he shared with me that night on the bodacious chest of a professional freak skilled in the shake-your-ass arts, whose name was Candy Skillz--if memory serves correctly--and whose talents far exceeded my expectations of a 19-year-old brunet who proved herself to be no amateur top-dropper but a full-on professional squeeze for a probable hoard of southwestern studs whose boots she's rattled and pants quivered since, I'm guessing, she was 12. That guess could be off as well, but she showed my new friend and I a smashing good time of clean sober fun in any case.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11 Reminds Me of the Shitty 2012 Olympics

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Now it's over. And I was happy to see yesterday come and go. Hello, glorious September 12th!