Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How De We Riot Our Own Pussies?

That's what I'm wondering. Even if we can't shake up or beat out the real pussies in the 'land of the free' by emulating the tactics of these brave chicks, maybe their activism can spark a new conversation about what counts as "private" property here, and if it even exists anymore.

In Putin's motherland, the state subsidizes the church, thereby making it a somewhat public establishment. Which makes me wonder about the separation of state and other things here: If all businesses are "public establishments" (as the politician-appointed judges have ruled consistently since America's latest puritanical adventure), then why shouldn't we riot the bars, restaurants, or any other "public establishment"?

 The logic works both ways: Public property implies the right to free speech, free expression and the right to carry your firearm openly (or concealed) on said "public" property.  Perhaps the "owners" of those public establishments should, like church leaders in Russia, consider that as long as they stay in business as a "public establishment," they implicitly support our enemy--the state. Either way, it's nice to see Punk Rockers kicking ass abroad.

They got slammed with 2 years. The next 24 months should be spent reflecting on other creative ways to fight the nation-state and to undermine the "public establishments" controlled by it. Maybe we could all start by picking up a guitar, learning how to play a few chords and jamming  out some Punk like those tight Russian bitches did. Maybe we can raid a "public establishment" with no shoes or shirt on. Maybe with a cigarette lit. Maybe naked, uninvited and unwanted.

Hey, wait. What am I saying? It's public property! Right?

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