Friday, August 24, 2012

"Game Change," Change--My Ass.

Wow. Wow. and Wow.

Wow #1) Just watched the HBO movie "game change" in a cheap motel with my dog and realized that Julianne Moore really is (or might be) a good actress. Her portrait of Palin is spot-on so much so that it becomes a caricature of the former Alaskan governor, which is even weirder when the film plays 2008 caricatures of Palin by Tina Fey, as Julianne Moore watches them (and we watch her watch them).  This is modernism (or meta-realism) at its finest, unless HBO doesn't realize how ridiculous it looks, which is a very real possibility (there was no self-awareness of self-awareness in this flick, even though that's what it pretended to do--Dave Eggers obviously did not direct it). And therefore, Moore probably deserves sympathy, despite her caricature moments of Palin.

 Ed Harris, however, does not. Whatever he played, it wasn't McCain. And it wasn't even a caricature of McCain. But it was wonderful. It was wonderful because it was Ed Harris. Ed Harris plays a bold, noble, honest man with fucking balls. Sorry. That's not McCain. That's not McCain in reality. And it's not the way the Left treated McCain during the campaign. (Again, I wonder if the writers, producers and directors of the flick remember this fact, which I imagine they do--McCain!-the evil Bush-supporting, war-mongering, divorced, pill-popping-wife-marrying Republican crazy man!...but maybe they don't. Maybe they are deluding themselves now as much as they were then, and  I wonder if they are conscious of their own slippery narrative of the Arizona Senator over the last, oh, 14 years.) For those of us in our 30s who remember when McCain ran in the primaries against Bush in '99, it's no sweet secret that he was, put simply, a whore. Of the media. Specifically, the left-wing media (as there was no Fox News--hardly--or internet as it exists today) back in 1999.
(Age Test: Recall the "straight-talk express"?...No? Then it might be harder to see McCain for the typical full-of-goose-shit politician he is.)

Once again, McCain (Harris) is the media darling--both in the narrative of the film and (one might suppose) in the minds of most contemporary fans of this film. However, if the writers were either  honest or consistent, they ( and the film) would admit that McCain really is a son-of-bitch, and that Harris does not sound anything like McCain (despite the amazing physical resemblance). In other words, he didn't play "the real" McCain, but only another version of him, for which "the real" McCain (whoever that old asshole might be) is probably all-too-happy to see...

Wow #2)  I was surprised by how easily I was sucked into this film, again probably due to its realism and mixed mediums of real footage with filmed narrative. I've hated reality TV (with very few exceptions) since it sucky inception in the late '90s. This sucking-into-ness says something significant both about my taste and contemporary pop art, which, considering how easy it is to mix reality with fiction, makes me extraordinarily uncomfortable (yet happily sated. And then uncomfortable again).

Wow #3) If there's an artistic message to this film, its similar to Neil Postman's "the medium is the message" cliche. That's well and fine, and please reread and think harder about Wow#1) and Wow#2) in light of that message. But the other overwhelming message of the film, the most flabbergasting, irritating, ball-gnashing theme of the film, is the contempt the mother-fucking elitist producers, directors, writers, actors (and everyone else associated with the film) have for the middle class. Palin might be a bumbling idiot. And the majority of small-town Americans probably wouldn't have any trouble burning libertarians or anarchists at the stake, given the chance. But dear Christ, who the fuck is the Left talking about when they're talking about saving the so-called "middle class"? The myriad scenes  in this film that suggest and affirm every hateful stereotype, cliche and prejudice about poor or middle class Americans is staggering. Which is fine. But my question to the writers is this: why pretend that you like, love or even have one ounce of sympathy or tolerance for those people...the middle class?

The contemporary American Left (and here I will be generalizing from particulars to universals, so get over it) fucking hates the middle class. And this movie helped confirm my own (long-term now) suspicion and biases of this view. If President Dickhead and his faithful sheep haven't noticed yet, the middle class don't want much to do with their "vision" for America. The middle class, to the "game change" writers' chagrin,  happens to like states such as Arizona (McCain, but more authentically, Goldwater), Alaska (Palin), and Texas (Bush). They like Nascar and they like cigars and cigarettes and dip and chewing tobacco. They like fast food and "cheap thrills". They don't drink micro-beers, but they do drink Budweiser or Busche Light when they shoot guns in the country or fish trout without a license. Yes, they fish. They hunt. They smoke inside. They make bad jokes  and say dirty words (like "fart," "nigger," "cunt," queer-bait," and "cum-swapper"). The drive gas-guzzling, CO2-emitting SUVs and (gasp!) trucks. They go to church, read the Bible, ride four-wheelers, believe that abortion is an abomination and that gay marriage should only refer to a happy marriage.

And the Left fucking hates them. Proving their own sanctimonious elitism, the Left's contempt shown in this film shines so bright that it blinds any intolerance Hitler held toward the Jews. (This is not hyperbole.) If anything, "Game Change" makes one thing clear--its message, one similar to "What's Wrong with Kansas?," or, say, "Mein Kampf." I asked one of my dad's best friends--who happens to be a retired physician and an extremely dogmatic Democrat--why he didn't consider these type of people described above to be part of the middle class. He just chuckled and said, "Well, there's that kind of middle class and the real middle class." I didn't have the heart to carry forth an objection, but I wanted to say, "Oh, I see. And I'm sure the real middle class all drive hybrid Priuses and drink a nice bottle of wine every night with their organic, vegan dinners after yoga class before watching Rachel Maddow in bed as they fall asleep wet dreaming to mind-fuck themselves silly because, you know, they're just so proud to be better than everyone else."

These people, to the Left and to the creators of "Game Change," aren't the middle class because, to the Left, they are nothing but dirty, filthy people who should be enslaved or exterminated. (If not the people themselves, then at least their culture and way of life.)  These people, you see, are not deserving of the "middle class" title. They are simply low-class white trash to the Left. They are the Lower class who should be thrown into ghettos and deprived of every liberty mother earth and nature has offered them freely. To the creators of "Game Change," these people both magically and secretly control the world and yet are so dirty, so filthy and disgusting that they should hardly be considered human beings. And they are the least deserving of their secret world powers. They are, to the contemporary Left, so rotten, impure and stupid--so obviously behind the times, so obviously archaic, uncultured, uncivilized and, dare I say, primitive--that they hardly deserve categorization within the human race itself. They are untamed beasts who should be whipped and caged for the animals they are. Why not throw them in a camp together after the ghettos? Better yet. Why not be rid of them all, forever, and purge the earth of their disgusting lifestyle before they destroy it with their own irresponsible and clearly selfish, short-sighted way of life?      

The movie makes a big deal out of Todd Palin's seven-year involvement with the Alaskan Independence Party. I'm sorry he left it and that it didn't succeed in its mission. Alaska should secede from this Evil Empire, as should every other state, and every city, county, small town, community, business and family. All of us, every living human being born with the unfortunate title of "United States citizen" should declare his independence and hoist his black flag before flipping one back to our masters in D.C. If the Republican Party had any fucking balls, it would encourage such radical declarations. And it would also pick up on the elitist, down-right fascist perception that's masterfully played out in "Game Change." Instead it wants to dick around with athoritarian douchbags and fakes like John McCain and Mitt Romney. Which is why the Republican Party is doomed to fail. And, until  those members of the Middle Class described above wake the fuck up to the reality that faces them, so are they.        

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