Friday, August 31, 2012

Chicago, NYC & More Excuses for Fascism.

I found this on the web recently and thought it was funny:

Yeah. That's about right.  Why on earth would anyone want to live in Chicago or NYC? As a smoker and gun-toting anarchist, I would probably greatly offend the sensitive masses of these once free-wheeling towns, before being arrested, and my life would be over sooner than I would prefer. In NYC the police can stop and frisk you, for no reason at all, just because they feel like it. Street surveillance cameras plague these cities worse than AIDS did in the '80s. (And state surveillance is a much more dangerous and contagious disease!) Chicago just beats NYC in this race to its own spiritual death as it apparently needs enough speed cameras to surveil half of the entire god-blessed city.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tony Sly of No Use for a Name: RIP

I should have printed this a month ago when I heard this news from an old punk rock friend of mine on facebook. But, you know, time passes. You get too busy to attend to your blog. And whatever. I'm still bummed about it, Tony Sly's passing. He was only 41 years old. And still, after a month-long autopsy, no one knows why the fuck he kicked the can so young. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Game Change," Change--My Ass.

Wow. Wow. and Wow.

Wow #1) Just watched the HBO movie "game change" in a cheap motel with my dog and realized that Julianne Moore really is (or might be) a good actress. Her portrait of Palin is spot-on so much so that it becomes a caricature of the former Alaskan governor, which is even weirder when the film plays 2008 caricatures of Palin by Tina Fey, as Julianne Moore watches them (and we watch her watch them).  This is modernism (or meta-realism) at its finest, unless HBO doesn't realize how ridiculous it looks, which is a very real possibility (there was no self-awareness of self-awareness in this flick, even though that's what it pretended to do--Dave Eggers obviously did not direct it). And therefore, Moore probably deserves sympathy, despite her caricature moments of Palin.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How De We Riot Our Own Pussies?

That's what I'm wondering. Even if we can't shake up or beat out the real pussies in the 'land of the free' by emulating the tactics of these brave chicks, maybe their activism can spark a new conversation about what counts as "private" property here, and if it even exists anymore.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Angry Male Loners: A Composite List

With the notorious shootings in Wisconsin and Colorado still hot in the empty heads of the media folk who try to think for the rest of us, we've heard a lot of loose talk recently about angry male loners and the dangerous threat they pose to the rest of civilized society and the decent, positively peaceful people of America. No doubt, DHS, the FBI and our hoard of other policing authorities will be following such logic (if one could call it that) in lieu of the very un-PC tactic of profiling based on race and gender. 

So, being the patriotic citizen I am, I thought I would lend Janet Napolitano and our friends in DC a hand in tracking down these potentially violent psychopaths, in the name of public health, safety and preemptive strikes, by composing a list of loners who made their mark on world history—all with male genitalia and all with vicious anger streaks streaming through their souls. Let the profiling commence!: 

1)  Friedrich Nietzsche: poet philosopher, told people to "live dangerously" since, after all, "God is dead, and we killed him." Claimed to be the anti-Christ late in life before dying from insanity induced by a healthy dose of syphilis no doubt contracted from a kraut-craving dime-whore. Despised what he called "herd morality." Most definitely a loner. 

2) Soren Kierkegaard: part bourgeois trustafarian, part Christian fanatic, all loner. This genius was so lonely he claimed that "truth is subjectivity!" and that "truth is inwardness!" (whatever that stuff means). Collapsing in the street as he hollered like a crazy-man against the "herd mentality" of modern "Christendom," (not to be confused with Nietzsche's "herd morality"), the Great Dane died proclaiming that God only croaked on the cross for individuals, not systems, nation-states, or institutions. He refused the last rites of communion on his deathbed. What a loner. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Youth Brigade sings "Where Are All the Old Man Bars?" 
And I can answer that question!

All the Old Man Bars disappeared with all the old men, who were either arrested a couple times--their lives (what they had left of them) crushed by the police state with the cultural and legislative advent of DUI hysteria--and who thereby concluded in poverty, desolation and social exclusion, that America had no place or need for Old Men anymore, or, they came to the same conclusion without facing the sadists in blue, after being forced to march outside, (without their drinks) under the snow, rain or blazing hot sun, to puff on a smoke. All the Old Men--who were truly men--essentially said, fuck this shit, and decided to stay home so they could drink and smoke on their old hairy asses in dignity before they face death in a couple years from a systemic terminal disease no doubt propagated by their poor hygiene and joyous lifelong (on-again, off-again) marriage to alcohol, tobacco and illicit narcotics. They are not in denial. They'll probably die soon (in their 60s). They do not intend to repent or change their evil, sinful ways so they can shit their pants at a hospice to live another 20 years. They do not regret their mistakes or their errors, their myriad lapses in judgment, their injudicious choices for friends, neighbors and lovers, their missing teeth or broken bones, their lost memories or lost fist-fights. These things they do not regret because they finished all their regretting in smokey dive bars when America still had space for Old Men. They went home. And after America turned its back on them, they just did what the rest of us desperately need to do by turning their backs right back at America. They walked away. They went home. And they went to go die like real men do.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Something to chew on for those unfortunate souls--tens-of-millions of Americans being my guess--who wish to exploit the recent deaths in Wisconsin and Colorado to legislate for more "gun control," (i.e.--using the guns of the state to coerce other human beings to give up their own guns, with the use of force if necessary). Question: When those poor souls, who salivate over the use of state violence for the "greater good," look in the mirror every morning, which of the two murderers pictured above do you think they want to see? And are those souls aware of their own hunger for war, violence and blood before feeding the kiddies some healthy, organic egg-whites served on a cold plate, as silent and sterile as a predator drone strike in Yemen?