Monday, January 30, 2012

The Future of Human Evolution: Ants or Artists?

“You have served the people and the superstition of the people, all you famous wise men—and not truth…Thus, the master lets his slaves have their way and is amused by their pranks. But the free spirit, the enemy of fetters, the non-adorer who dwells in the woods, is as hateful to the people as a wolf to dogs.”

            -Thus Spake Zarathustra (pg. 214)

Evolution of mankind this very moment as you read this blog.
There remains a unfortunate opinion on human evolution today so popular, so engrained within our modern psyche, chiseled into our unconscious conception of what and who we are by these wise men of the people—these social “scientists”—that it’s now taken as a matter of course: Ant colonies are the model for humanity’s future. These preachers of insect virtues—who would not hesitate one second to devour The Mona Lisa with their hideous jaws in the name of “feeding the people”—pride themselves as being “Darwinian,” “scientific,” and “progressive” in contrast to those whom they wish to save. (And, thus, rule): the sad masses who hold true to their belief in “creationism” or “intelligent design”. And at best modern Westerners are presented with a false dichotomy: you can be one of the scientifically enlightened followers of insect virtues, one of the privileged Human-Ant-colonizers of the future; or you can wallow in your ape-like delusions as a drag on human progress. “Progress” here being defined, of course, as leaving one herd for another, only to become a vicious though highly industrious pest with no sense of individuality, beauty or wonder.
The choice is a lie. Each one denoting the same thoughtless poppy tune played in different keys. And there is another way.     

We primates who have been blessed with the plush, spicy taste for human life for a short time on earth need not sacrifice our sacred palates for any bland cuisine of the “greater good”.  True, ants are economical little insects, productive creatures who maximize their social utility by working day after day for the survival of their own species. Their laborious effort can be felt in the sting of their bite and their evolutionary longevity: 130 million years. Even if human beings lasted another 800,000 years, our Darwinian survival rate next to theirs would be a shameful 1 out of 130 million. (That’s the statistical mind-fuck against which our sad creationists exercise a vigorous, relentless will to deny.)    
Is this your future?
In light of such despairing data, the logic of the Insect Preachers seems fairly reasonable.  As evolutionary biologist Edward Wilson says, “Whatever their nature and magnitude, the changes in progress are always expressed in percentages of individuals within or among populations. Evolution is absolutely a phenomenon of populations. Individuals and their immediate descendants do not evolve.”
And if we presume that Darwinian adaptation is an objective truth. That is, if adaptation (to external environments, which happens when a physical or genetic characteristic is widely distributed to a specific species) is nothing to be debated, then why fuck around with the assholes who don’t want to march to the drumbeat of  human “progress”?
You see? Individual human beings don’t matter to the evolutionary “progress” of mankind according to the Ant Preachers. But Modern Man saw what happened when the Nazis followed Insect Morality to its logical conclusion by instituting their eugenics program of mass sterilizations and genocide through the systematic extermination of those who got in their way—we lonely anti-social types, the “undesirables”.
And yet, even if the Nazis lost their little war for the Triumph of the Herd (the Aryan race), Insect Virtues thrive today. Just turn on your TV for a glimpse of its near universal popularity and ubiquity:   
Ant Preacher with her worker helmet.
Dear heretics and blasphemers to the Church of Insect Values: despair not! You need not join the Deniers. There is a divine hope for Modern Man greater than dead gods! There is a primordial force that exists which neither the denying creationist nor the social “scientist” can sense or see. This at once spiritual and evolutionary life force is as eternal as the god of Abraham and as natural as tulips in full bloom. It can only be manifested through the desire or will to realize itself—like the biological facts of life Darwin observed in his early studies: this force has no goal, no teleology. It is the orgasm of human existence. It is the universe’s first Big Bang that explodes its vibrant, colorful jism into the wide-spread legs of our beautiful, natural world: The first volcanic eruption of beauty. The fully erect internal combustion of Sublime Man entering the Earth-womb of Woman. The screams of ecstasy that unleash the imagination in your loneliness.
Tulips in Bloom
And the primal mess of friction that precedes it, that slippery, tantalizing chaos of foreplay, the sloppy engine of Dionysian copulation that drives its hot engine all night long, until it delivers the Apollonian child of harmony and peace and order beneath the bed sheets when finished—we call Art.
With sober, ecstatic eyes Emerson perceived this life-force in Nature’s will to harmony in the browning leaves of fall. Plato feared its presence in the power of poetry. And Oscar Wilde breathed its natural, fresh spring air when he said, “Art is an end in itself.”
Photograph by author. Example of the divine, natural spark of creation.
Reject the false dichotomy of the “progressive” Ant Preachers and their conservative deniers, the worshipers of dead gods! There is another way found through the life-force of creation.  It is divine.  And though its offspring might produce a freakish mutation in the unsightly black eyes of the multitudes—the eyes of the Ants, you will know it is the only true force of beauty and progress and human evolution in the universe. And you will know it is the only true source of beauty for one reason only. Because it is your own.              

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