Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is Your Facebook Friend a Friendly Fascist?

Here’s a post from a friend of mine on facebook:

“Just played dodgeball and jumped rope with a bunch of 6th graders calling me Mr. Ben. My job is dope.”

That’s all candy-cane and ga-ga enough.He just got his first job in NYC, and thank Christ that he’s happy because it beats the shit out of serving tables—which is how we met a couple years ago when he taught me how to sell over-priced top-shelf tequilas at noon to customers who just couldn’t squeeze by their lunch hour without hitting the sauce.
And here’s a response to his post from one of his friends with whom I am not acquainted:

Education by the State, for the State.
“ohmigosh that is so awesome. Nutrition is the new back door secret weapon to sustainable food systems. It's awesome, I love it. A win win! Get to em while they're young... sometimes I wish I worked with younger students because college students can be stubborn and annoying. wait I take that back. I love my college students. ; )”

This springs to mind the following: blue suits and gold flashy badges. Rough, hoarse voices barking at you, above you, with intense, beady red eyes beaming with violent hot fury—agents of the nation-state.
Or maybe it only does to me. Is dishonesty, propaganda, manipulation and brain-washing cultural norms now for the cool kids? Is it simply cool to be a fascist now? Is that what’s in? Is that what’s hip? All the rage? The groovy way to be now?

Well, goddamn if am I not out of the fucking loop these days! Fucking college students and all their stupid fucking stubbornness to think for their fucking selves and make up their own minds about their own diets! Who the fuck do they think they are?!
Ahhh… I feel better now. All of a sudden I feel…cool. Oh, yeah. Nutrition. Sustainable food systems. Hope and Change.

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